[Release] ESX Burger Shot Job!

I added the script and I do not have any pictures and there is nothing in the get items. I also cant consume any of the items after I added them into esx_basicneeds

Did you upload the 2 sql files to your database ? one is for the job, and the other for the items

Yes both are in there. I can set my job and I can spawn in the items but when I look in my inventory there are no pictures and I cant eat it.

Figured out the pictures but I still need help being able to eat the items and adding the items in the fridge

You need to buy the items, or set them in the fridge, idk why u are enable to eat the items, thats your basicneeds :confused:

When you make the burger or nugget I want them to be able to eat them. I added them in basic needs but nothing

hi i have a problem with burgershot item whene i put it in the database, database say me:# 1054 - Unknown column ‘weight’ in ‘field list’, somoone can help me pls?

ESX version, if you are using limit instead of weight system, just change in the sql file that, weight to limit :slight_smile:

Where can I buy the food items (lettuce, tomatos etc)

Does anyone know how to fix this?
on this line he gives the error ESX. RegistryServerCallback(‘esx_burgerjob:getStockItems’, function(source, cb)

how i set my self as menager of burger shot ?

You figure out this error?

Only way I can get the society to work at all is to stop and restart the script after server restart.
All the other job society work fine, just not this one.

Any suggestions?

Good job man