[Release] ESX Burger Shot Job!

Hi ! This is my first release, so be nice :frowning:
First i want to say sorry for my english, i’m a spanish speaker so, before everything, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:
Today i’m sharing a job for your servers to give more “role” to it.
Burger Shot job: consist in “crafting” some food to sell it to the public , you will need some stuff that can be purchased in the job shop.


Edit: Forgot to say that the ymap and the boxville skin are in the Readme in Github, so, read it :smiley:.
Thanks for watching !

Update: Thanks @Mascotte45 for the pull, fixed errors and language problems, also he added a sql for items that are used to craft burgers.


Link Broken

Thanks for notice me, it should be okay now :slight_smile:

nice release :slight_smile:
what menu style is what you use ?

It’s esx_menu_default but i made my own style of it n.n
Ty btw !

cann you send me this per pm look very nice

Translated the locale to English, figured i would share for anyone who needs it. es.lua (2.6 KB)

Edit: Just looked at your localization SQL, its still for the Unicorn Job. I would probably remove that from the resource.

Another Edit: The script looks good, i just suggest actually using the locales to your advantage, as i realize that translating i just did was kinda useless, because the labels are set in the client.lua. Otherwise very nice.

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Have a version of this edited by Cozinheiro job if someone wants it.

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who have the ymap for this?

Try this link :slight_smile:

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Yeah, sorry, forgot to delete that localization :stuck_out_tongue:
And yes, most part of the translations are in the config.lua for anyone who wants to translate it !

What is the difference? https://■■■■■■■■■■■■.net/t/fivem-esx-burgerjob/201


But I dont understand and How you deliver the hamburgers …where do you get paid?

If you press F6 you will see a Billing menu, with that you can earn money, selling the burgers to the other players, this job doesn’t have NPC missions :stuck_out_tongue:

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It would be beteer with npc because no all the time people want buy food,and people want to make money

Just add the food items to a script for NPC drug selling lol

Apparently I can’t consume the burgers I’ve made. Maybe a ESX.RegisterUsableItem is missing?

EDIT: Fixed. Just added multiple ESX.RegisterUsableItem functions per burger item.
Also, the “full burger” item (‘hamburger’) is missing from the .sql.

Just run

INSERT INTO `items` (`name`, `label`, `weight`) VALUES ('hamburger', 'Hamburguesa completa', 1)

Or, if you’re still using old ESX,

INSERT INTO `items` (`name`, `label`, `limit`) VALUES  ('hamburger', 'Hamburguesa completa', number)

With ‘number’ being whatever limit you want.

When trying to open up the fridge and the F6 menu it just says Locale [es] does not exist

friend could you share your mapping? the one I’ve got all has a flying refigerator