[Release][ESX][Abandoned] New Reworked Bank Robbery System

its all good mate i respect that, was a bit frustrating but i modified it and got it working correctly, i have since also abandoned it for the pacific heist robbery… thanks for the work its a nice scripts and sorry about the frustration. new to coding and development, but getting there

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how to fix error?

i have same issue

I don’t have a vault door in a bank
How do I get it?

thank you in advance

Is there any way I could get access to just the minigame so i can practice hacking?

I don’t have a door vault

thank’s for your rely

The doords doesn’t want to open. Here is the error on console

how do i add more banks with out it not working

why my fleeca bank door can,t open

anybody here with a working version of it? seems like the author isnt longer interessed to make it work :slight_smile:
i fixed all the errors but when the c4 bombs, the door still closed. how i fix this?

how did u get the hack to work i get need a raspberry error

Is someone know why is The Highway Fleeca Bank vault door doesn’t want to rotate? I searched its prop name in codewalker and its the same prop as that Fleeca Bank vault door in the city. But it doesn’t want to rotate. I changed the code a little bit but the Fleeca Bank in the city is working fine.

Edit.: I found out the door actually isn’t there but it exists. The next pictures will explain

The codewalker details about the door everything

		objHash = GetHashKey('v_ilev_gb_vauldr'),
		objHeading = 0.0,
		objCoords = vector3(-2958.538, 482.2705, 15.83594),
		textCoords = vector3(-2958.538, 482.2705, 15.83594),
		authorizedJobs = {'police'},
		locked = true,
		maxDistance = 7.0

But esx_doorlock can’t even find it too

Is anyone know why is this exists? :smiley: