[Release] [ESX] 99kr-shops

Hey There !
We have some problems with the Shop: We can´t buy only one Item.Example: You gon in and buy one Donut.Basket says three Donuts, no chance to put two donuts away.After Buy the player has 10 Donuts.All Payed.Does Anyone know how to fix this ?

like it !

Is there a way to make it to where only 1 certain store can sell certain items?

I can not upload items to the database because I do not have a LIMIT column, how to create it to work properly

Anyone happen to know why this script refuses to work within the vanilla unicorn? Move the markers outside and it works just fine but as soon as its indoors it seems to break, saying “there are no items in your basket”

hey noice script bro for me when i get everything in the basket, and try to buy it I see on me server logg that the script has an error? Please bro can you tell me how to fix it?