[Release] [ES] es_garages | Vehicle Ownership & Garages

Name: es_garages

Version: 1.0.0

EssentialMode Version(minimum): 3.1.0

Download: https://kanersps.pw/files/es_garages.zip

Discord: https://discord.gg/0lsnMcbAi2DyTKxf

Installation: Extract the folder to your resources, append “es_garages” to your AutoStartResources. And of course make sure EssentialMode is properely running

Description: Adds ownable vehicles to the game in form of a garage. .Edit prices and add more vehicles in the menu table of client.lua and the vehicles table of server.lua for prices. Add your own garage points in client.lua aswell.



Nice job man ! I try on my server :wink:

Avatar is the best :wink:

hello i converted this to essentialmode 2.0, who want it


Yep It can be cool to share for ES 2.0 users :wink:

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Any modification to make this work with 2.0 will not be allowed. Releasing such will result in its removal.

what the fuck who are you

I don’t know what you are asking.

really ? :joy: it’s the creator of essentialmode…


Please don’t bother coding a mod for ES 3.x+ because nobody is willing to use CouchDB.


Not my problem, it’s theirs.

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Nice JOb Kanersps ^^

Whilst the issue has been mentioned, I’m assuming you’re going to remove CouchDB etc altogether once the Database FiveM Update has been released?

No, MySQL will be added as an optional setting. So both will be available.

Lol the flame against him is funnt

Hello, would it be possible to add the garage icon to map? I don’t see if it already does. I see the bank ones just fine

or and option to show them or not.

And thanks for this.

Anyone like CouchDB please rechange to MySQL !


Nopeee. this is CouchDB… Most of people are using MySQL for now.

Change Mysql to CouchDB is a bad move… CouchDB 2.0 dont work on Linux. and Mysql work.

@Ricardo_Marques Linux is a bullshit :joy: