[Release] [ES] es_garages | Vehicle Ownership & Garages

Android is based on Linux.

Did you know that most servers around the world are Linux?

Did you know that Microsoft itself uses Linux on their servers?

Did you know that Google itself uses Linux as the basis for its systems?

Who does not use Linux on server is dumb
that not know how to work with Linux.


I’m like many of other people, why did you go for couchdb, really … So upset

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Could you paste that some where else my antivirus/firewall etc doesn’t like that site for some reason same with google don’t like it either. blocks me from viewing if it isn’t antivirus suit it’s google blocking it.

That joke!
I’ve CouchDB 2.0(compiled from src) + MySQL servers installed and no problems. Works fine with Debian 8 (stable).

Stop please,.

Hi, I can’t spawn any vehicule, i don’t understand why, can you help me ?

Thx dude. Im gonna test this.
I don’t undestand why so many people hate CouchDB… I think it is easy.

yes, couchdb is better, we not should create database line etc… just enjoy

Same here.
Banking works fine.
es_garages isn’t working at all.
Moreover, the ground in garage is not loaded, you fell in the void if you enter it.

cfx-server last version (30-04-2017 from the releases) + CouchDB 2.0 (working, it creates and fills the essentialmode table) + ESM 3.2.2

I tryied alot of things, found out the manifest wasn’t at the right version for example, but it doesn’t change anything.
Can’t get es_garage to work.
Server says it’s loaded.

No logs anywhere, it’s a pain in the ass to debug.

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I had the same problem Hatch but car shop is available with es_freeroam and work great.

Is it only the garage ? I found 4 other interiors that have vanished like FIB, Life Invader and Lester’s factory. I fucked up the screen for the forth one but it is the butchery where you save Franklin as Michael if I remember correctly.

i noticed and jacked up building also wasn’t sure what was causing it.

you need this for it to function. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/open-all-interiors just place it inside your plugins folder in your fivem directory

Guessing this isn’t working with essentialmode 3.+ and freeroam?

it adds the document to couchDB but nothing appears in there after purchase it takes the $$ and that sync’s up but can’t get the cars out of the garage, can only buy them.

This was made for 3.x.x

when i installed it the blue marker was in place at the police shop with 3 cars available for purchase, when purchased they didn’t spawn anywhere and in couchDB it created https://gyazo.com/f3121f788f72aa334f3a751b87a76650
but no vehicles were added after purchase. Also the garage had no option to retrieve a vehicle, only purchase them.

could we keep the simeon vehicle shop and use this just as a garage for retrieving purchased vehicles?

You have to press it again when you bought it._.

Press E again? when i do that it just buys the car over and over again?

not working for me 2 FeelsBadMan no data saved in db so i think something is messed up lets hope someone find a fix for it

I want it for the garage really as it’s needed for essentialmode3.+ and also as the simeon purchase method is fine for me, but I’m just adding all the cars to it now so hopefully it does get fixed, also would be nice to have a preview of the car like you do with simeon. Also once essentialmode 3 has a garage we can remove /pv and stop http://imgur.com/a/gD2p3 from happening.

I’ve just spent a few hours adding cars to this script but its returning this error https://gyazo.com/5a7830f8b453a9817e1ea2fcbb2e62ef and i for the life of me can’t see what i done wrong, I’ve followed it on as it was originally.
Could someone have a quick look and see if they can spot anything.
client.lua (14.8 KB)
server.lua (6.1 KB)