[RELEASE] Enhanced Camera Menu (v1.0.2)

Overview of the menu

This menu recreates vehicle camera from scratch and introduces a number of customizable parameters for user to tune. On top of that there is a drone camera with a few modes to simulate drone flight.

Main features of this menu:

  • Lead camera - main camera, rotates around car dependant on angular velocity of the vehicle
  • Chase camera - focuses on closest vehicle and points towards it
  • Drone camera - simulates drone physics, allows choice between different modes (race, zero-G, spectator, homing)
  • Customizable parameters - FOV, XYZ position offsets, interpolation values and more
  • Saving/loading - save and load camera parameters or choose from default presets


Go to releases and download latest zipped release. Unzip and place enhancedcamera folder inside your server’s resources folder, then edit your server.cfg to include line start enhancedcamera.

Default menu key is F11, tune it in config.ini.

Parameters overview

It’s best to just experiment with parameters to see how they affect camera handling (for lead/chase camera you can start by spawning a preset from submenu).

Lead and chase camera parameters:

  • Lock position offset - determines whether camera changes position compared to vehicle (or just rotates)
  • Linear position offset - experimental feature, camera changes position along the line drawn behind vehicle instead of doing circular motion around the car
  • Lock rotation to camera plane - changes the way that camera rotates around car (mostly visible on uneven ground)
  • Modifier - this modifier * angular velocity = target rotation. Higher values make camera move further from lock. (-1,1)
  • Yaw interpolation - lower values - smoother movement along yaw axis (0,1)
  • Roll interpolation - lower values - smoother movement along roll axis (0,1)
  • Pitch interpolation - lower values - smoother movement along pitch axis (0,1)
  • Camera offset - offsets chase camera target towards its velocity vector. (0,5)
  • Position interpolation - lower values - smoother movement, higher delay. (0,1)
  • FOV - changes field of view, may affect performance with higher values (20,120)
  • X/Y/Z Offset - static position offset in XYZ direction
  • Max angle to lock - for chase camera only, max angle from velocity vector to keep the lock on, if angle exceeds this limit, camera switches back to normal. (25,360)




Additional info

Project’s source code can be viewed here.


Not sure im not setting this up right, just copy pasted in resource folder and added start start enhancedcamera to the server.cfg

Nothing happends when i press hotkey, also tried changing key. :confused:

Did you download enhancedcamera.zip, unzipped it and placed folder called enhancedcamera inside resources folder?

i did yes, im not getting any errors either from what i can tell.


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Thank you so much for making this standalone <3 <3 It’s working great for me!!

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This is AMAZING, @Shrimp ! Thank you very much for this!

Would be also possible to add permissions, please? I would like to use this on our RP server as an addition for driving vehicles, but I am not super excited about drone camera being used on foot :slight_smile:

Would be here also an option to start the menu by chat command? I would like to implement it into car option for RadialMenu. That would be neat!

I have no idea how permissions work, so would need to look into that, I can definitely add an option to just turn it off for everyone in config.ini file, that would be simple enough. Chat command is also a minor thingy, so will include that with next update too.


What Razzquez made with his PocceMod is exactly how I would imagine it to be! You can set ACE permissions to any mod option to any group you want (Admin, Moderators, Everyone).

If you would like to, go take a look into his source code. Unfortunately, I haven’t learned C# yet, so I can do the necessary adjustments myself…

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You made me really proud by showing my mod as an example :slight_smile:
Most of my permission handling code (both server and client side) is here:


When I have some time I’ll look into the permission stuff, in the meantime I made a small update to add the chat command and config.ini fields to disable chase and drone cameras globally.

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Having an issue where using an xbox one controller holding the view/select button to bring up vMenu, enhanced camera also comes up overlapping it, no matter what i set the config key to it always uses the view/select button aswell as the config button, im guessing there is some code conflict that you used from vmenu?

any help on this?

I’ll take a look into it today or tomorrow and see what’s up with that.

I’ve removed the ability to open menu via gamepad, select button should only open vMenu now. Grab newest release from github releases.

Thanks, ill give it a try when i can, keep up the great work!

How do I change my language

Is there a possibility of making the camera move the way car is turning to? You know, for racing purposes?

Yup, just set modifier value into negatives and experiment with the setup

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Hey. Does anybody know if it’s possible to stop the camera from bumping on uneven grounds? Just like the camera does with the plugin being OFF. I’ve managed to get a good drift camera setting, but the camera always bounces when going through bumps or so.
Also. How do I delay the camera lock so it doesn’t attack to the back of the car, but to the side?