[Release] Delete Vehicle Script [v1.1.0] (Updated 2020)

Here is a delete vehicle script I made with thanks to Mr.Scammer!

This script is standalone and does not require EssentialMode or any other gamemode, it is standalone. If people want an EssentialMode version I can make one.

Usage: Enter a vehicle or stand next to one and type: /dv.


wk_delveh-1.1.0.zip (1.8 KB)
Click here to download [1.0.5]
Click here to download [1.0.4]
Click here to download [1.0.3]
Click here to download [1.0.2]


Download the .zip file above and place the included folder into your server’s resource folder.

Once the folder is in go to the root directory of your server where FXServer.exe is located, open your server config file (depending on what you named it, typically server.cfg), add ensure wk_delveh to your resource start section.



  • Converted __resource.lua to fxmanifest.lua
  • Removed chat message command, it nows uses RegisterCommand which triggers the wk:deleteVehicle event
  • Added a chat suggestion for the /dv command
  • Revised some of the deletion system to reduce redundant code
  • Added a timeout so if the vehicle can’t be deleted, it keeps trying until a it hits the limit or the vehicle has been deleted
  • Updated the ray trace natives, as well as using a capsule so now you don’t have to be facing a vehicle to delete it


  • Added a check to make sure that the vehicle has actually been deleted - a notification will display if not


  • Updated commands, you can now type /delveh as well as /dv
  • Re-wrote the system for deleting vehicles outside of them
  • You can now delete planes, helicopters and boats when you stand outside
  • Fixed notification saying vehicle was deleted when in the passenger seat
  • You can now delete blown up vehicles, as well as trailers


  • You can now only delete vehicles when in the drivers seat of a vehicle
  • You can now delete a vehicle when standing next to it
  • Due to a limitation, you cannot delete planes, helicopters or boats without being in them


  • Updated the script so you can now delete game spawned cars!


  • Re-wrote most of client.lua to fix the issue with the command not working (?)


  • Initial release


  • Me, writing the script
  • Mr.Scammer, for helping and a few code snippets
  • Zanax, for helping test the GetRandomVehicleInSphere function.
  • Konijima

do you have to have command processor for this to work

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Nope, just works! No requirements

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awesome! Nice Job! its working

can you make it so you can delete civillian cars too because at the moment its only the cars you spawn

This is awesome! Going to be super helpful, with removing lag and all! Thanks! :wink:

Yes I will work on it!

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Ok thank you! at least someone listens to me

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@WolfKnight179 Look at your PM’s

Until the script is updated you can use Enhanced Reborn’s “no-clip” feature to delete AI vehicles.

On my server we dont have menu’s people just abuse it

This is amazing but it would be even better if you could delete vehicles that are infront of you like blown up cars. And for the AI cars if you stand infront of them and press / on the numpad it will delete it.

I’m re-working the script at the moment to take care of the non player spawned vehicles. I will take this into mind! :slight_smile:

Script won’t work for me it loads all fine but don’t delete the vehicles

Probably because you’re trying to delete a vehicle spawned by the game, not a player vehicle. I am currently working to fix this.

I tried spawned in one’s by me

Strange, you did set up the resource properly?

Yeah, exactly same, I think

Send me a screenshot, I tried the script with a vehicle spawned in by me and it worked fine.

its not working :cry:

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