I cant delete cars

I have a server 64 slots… i try to use /cardel and dont work… and im police and i cant confiscate too… i confiscate but the vehicle dont dissapear… how i can fix it? i think i change all loops to 255… but idk why this now…

What script are you using to delete vehicles

Es extended and es admin2… i use for closed vehicles LockSystem… i think this is the problem… at start i can del veh but when i closed so much cars bugged the del veh and garage dont save vehicles and clone so much… :confused:

same problem u donot solved?

No bro… in onesync dont work delete cars XD

and… how can we do to clear the map, sometimes or… some role to delete cars?

There’s a plugin for this.

Just Simply do /dv. This dosen’t use permissions so just load it and clear your server from cars :slight_smile:

If that’s what you’re looking for :slight_smile: