[RELEASE] Cyberpunk Delorean DMC-12 | Wave Effect

Cyberpunk Delorean DMC-12

This is the fivem version of this mod: Cyberpunk Delorean DMC-12 [Add-On] (I’m the author)

This script add the wave effect to the car (using the AddReplaceTexture function)


  1. It can fly (hold the “H” for a second)
  2. Dynamic effect
  3. Weapons (Gun and missiles)


Normal: https://cdn.worldofcraft.cn/files/dmc12cp.zip
No Weapons: https://cdn.worldofcraft.cn/files/dmc12cp-no-weapons.zip (this zip file not include data files, you should download the normal version first, and replace the model with no weapons version.)


See the README.txt in the zip file


Looks nice, does the gun fire though?

sure, It can also launch missiles

Nice one! :+1:

Can it fly?

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I have no real use for this, but damn does this look great. Awesome work :+1:

Nice one !

wow, looks really nice.

does not fly, still cool though, the bullets and rockets come out of the gun on top, i need to test to see if that is a extra that can be removed, that and the cyberpunk logo on the hood is a little to much, I love the tech behind animated liverys hope to see more

pm me when you have found a way to remove it please
BTW it can fly, hold H

Yes hold H

I’d definitely add this were it not for the guns on top.

yeah I will make it as a extra part in next update

oh thanks! im use tothe “x” key for the deluxo, thanks for the info!

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thanks for the quick reply!

I want to remove the option to fly

Delete this from the handling.meta:

<Item type="CSpecialFlightHandlingData">
    <mode value="1"/>
    <fLiftCoefficient value="50.0" />
    <fMinLiftVelocity value="0.0" />
    <fDragCoefficient value="0.0" />
    <fMaxPitchTorque value="500.0" />
    <fMaxSteeringRollTorque value="50.0" />
    <fMaxThrust value="20.0" />
    <fYawTorqueScale value="-4.0f"/>
    <fRollTorqueScale value="7.5f"/>
    <fTransitionDuration value="1.0" />
    <fPitchTorqueScale value="8.0"/>
    <vecAngularDamping x="3.000000" y="2.00000" z="1.20000" />
    <vecLinearDamping x="0.900000" y="0.100000" z="0.70000" />

and change this:




thanks for sharing the code, I’m wondering now can this same bit be added to other cars to make them fly hahahaha.

Why so many polys? over 320K…it’s a performance bomb…I’ll try to use the animated thing for other purposes anyways, the car, I like it, but it’s really heavy on server performance as far as I can see…
look at this thing, ffs… I mean, I love the way it looks, but with a few of this on the streets, FPS will drop like crazy on clients with older PCs…

Akkariin thanks for your content, I’m really enjoying your car. I’m gonna test the flying mod. Do you think that I can apply this handly on other cars? Like police?