[RELEASE] Cyberpunk Delorean DMC-12 | Wave Effect

Yeah, but maybe you need to change the <strHandlingFlags> to 82000A, this is important to make car can fly.

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Okok I’ll try! Thanks for the help

http://prntscr.com/udw6s3 just like that?

82000A this is what it should look like when you are done adding flight ( if it works)

and this…1 is what you are changing

For me it doesn’t work. When I’m hovering the car I’m can’t control the car anymore. I can’t turn.

Hello back! Still can’t figured out why the car doesn’t fly and when I’m in the hover mode, I can’t turn.
Can someone help?


I’d like to ask how to get a dynamic effect.

how can i get the animated livers

how to disable gun to shot? I just want the visual f the gun, don’t want em to be able to shoot

remove the CVehicleWeaponHandlingData item from the handling.meta

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Do you know if is possible to add flight to other vehicles? Like a tahoe for instance

Can you make the DeLorean? Like the old fashion one, including all the cool lighting.

hi have question is it possible to do that not in fivem server just in gta ?

Hello, Is there a way to change the key from h to x for example?