[Release] Custom License Plate Image

Custom Plate Images For Vehicles

What Does This Do?

Well, simply put; you can change the background image for license plates! Once upon a time you were able to stream the vehshare.ytd file to do this, however this is no longer possible.

This method uses a FiveM Native function to replace the texture via script.

Direct Download Or Github

How Do I Change The Plate Background To A Custom Image?

It’s pretty simple :wink:

  1. Use the template files provided below (Ensure the size has a ratio equivalent to that of 600x350) 1200x700 is possibly your best bet.
  2. Customize the plate to your liking and save the file as a .png
  3. upload the plate to an image website (I personally use Imgur)
  4. Get the raw image file URL (URL should end with a .png)
  5. Paste your URL into the config.lua


Hidden Stuff Here


Possibly Important Stuff

First off, here are the template files

  • Help Image | Raw – This is just an image to show where the license text will appear
  • Empty Template | Raw – The actual empty license plate image
  • [.PDN] Template – For those who use Paint.NET: this is the only file you’ll need

Download the whole shabang here

  • – Direct download for every file (templates & script)

Other Notes

Without configuration, this script will give in-game license plates a texture glitch
I will not be providing assistance with the creation of textures for the plates

Hey! Read Me For Extra Plate Info

Special thanks to @TheNeco for solving the multiple plate edit problem… (the one where you’d need 5 separate resources to do it) - Direct link will be updated once I arrive home

Another thanks to @ElusionPDX for finding another efficient way of using multiple plate textures:

Comment can be found here
Or you can view the code below

plates = {

for l, p in pairs(plates) do
    local txd = CreateRuntimeTxd("testing")
    local duiObj = CreateDui(p[2], p[3], p[4])
    local dui = GetDuiHandle(duiObj)
    local tx = CreateRuntimeTextureFromDuiHandle(txd, "test", dui)
    AddReplaceTexture("vehshare", p[1], "testing", "test")

Hey how can i replace the other plates?

Can we get multiple plate plates? Like Have the exempt plates for the state we are in? and also have the normal everyday Civ Plates? How would that work! Also awesome script thanks for Sharing :wink:


Thank you!


Thank you for this script <3


i managed to set 3 plates but seem to not work after that


i can only use 2 :frowning:


This is actual really great.
Works perfect. I dont know how many players will actually look at the plates :innocent:

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Hey! Glad you like it. I’ve Updated the post if you take a look at the bottom, it will explain the general concept of how to do that!

I’ve updated the post, if you look at the end, it’ll give you a hand with that.

I added custom plate02_n file but it doesnt seem to change the position of the plate text :frowning: Anyways amazing mod

Can you post this to github? Or can I post it and reference this post?

Hey, Glad you like it! Unfortunately a custom plate_n file will not change the positioning of the plate text. I’m not sure if thats even a possibility.

I’ve created a Github repository per your request! I’ve also updated the post to include both the direct download and the github link.

Thanks for your interest

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Thank you! :grin: Looking forward to using this.


I really dont think you made this. I have seen this extact code and fortmat being used for liberty city

I can assure you this code is 100% mine - (its very simple code, but still mine mind you). If you have access to it, I’d love to see the code your referring to.

i mean i dont mind sending a screenshot lol but i have seen this code

Please do

if I do 5 files split crashes