[Release] Colored Hud ( Weapons / Radio / blips )

Not working all I get is this.

Could not make hard link for /home/container/resources//map/stream//minimap_sea_2_0.ytd <-> /home/container/cache/files/map/stream_cache/z7fde79614942e9f31002b528a814b3a378504de1.

why does that not work for me I did it like this stream / stream / colorhud

Just Put The Colouredhud Folder In Your Server’s Resource Folder And Add It To The Start List In Your Server.cfg And Boom Good To Go And Working.

Colouredhud.zip (1.5 MB)

Please add the color of the new update blips

Blip ID: 400 and up


I fixed the missing radio station images that appeared white.

This one works perfectly for gamebuild 1604. Enjoy guys! (only radio and weapons, no blips included)

colorhud.rar (879.6 KB)

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