[Release] Colored Hud ( Weapons / Radio / blips )

I think its because these Blips is not updated with these last DLC’s Blips.

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ahh man wonder when will we get the update :frowning:

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struggling getting this to work :confused:

What a mess. I’ll stick with the default until something more appealing can be released xD

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This bloody thing doesn’t work, could you make it for us so we can just download it and do start coloredhud?

I tried for 3 hours, i watched like 6 tutorials and still it doesn’t work. I even reinstalled my esx server.

Looks really nice good job!

Exactly, it’s hard to install and i haven’t succeeded yet.

Hey, do you know how to install it?

how to fix it?

ah ty mate i will try now :slight_smile:

How can i change the weapon names to show on the TAB menu?

I Installed the addon like i should and it worked fine on my test server but on our public server it’s not working. No errors in the console, nothing. Some People seing the colored hud, some dont.

I alredy Updated The Server to the latest version but didn’t work either

Maybe you can try to replace

The client needs to delete the cache.
Fivem\FiveM.app\cache\priv <— delete or
Fivem\FiveM.app\cache <— delete

Here it’s not working 100% (garage blips are not showing)

For radio, I’ve 2 blanks:

Any ideas? I’ve deleted the cache folders and didn’t work

why LSUR radio is white? any ideas?


I’m Brazilian, I’m sorry for the English.
I’m using google translator.

I have a problem with the size of the blips on the map, they are stretched. Even decreasing the size in the file “blips_makers.cfg” they do not change.

Can you help me?



I used these files:
colorhud.rar (1.2 MB)

It doesn’t work for me, how I install it for server side?

Only put the files on /resource/stream/stream/coloredhud ???