[Release] Cinematic Cam

How can I setup permissions for multiple IDs?

Make a list of all whitelisted IDs and loop over them and check if the player has a whitelisted ID.
Set “isWhitelisted = true” when that is the case.

how do i fix this

NativeUI started before the cinematiccam?
Adjusted the config and fxmanifest for your version?

i tried that i can send pictures so you can see


And what happens if you try to restart the cinematiccam?
Any errors in the console (server or client)?

it says the thing

very good alternative now that Rockstar Editor is pretty much, unusable

hope you are still working on this!

My idea for the future would be to add a In-Menu Option to change the camera speed (in kmh or mph)

Sorry for the long wait, but I sent you a DM.

I plan on eventually updating the script. But mainly for reducing the amount of code. A lot of it is now unnecessary.
But I don’t know when that will be. (definitely a few months)
Not sure if I will build in more features, but I might rework a few things to be easier to use.

Hi, awesome script! Tested it on a friend’s server, but can’t get to work on mine local server… Can you help me please???
I get this error:

Already downloaded the latest version of NativeUI, cleaned cache, made the adjustments on the fxmanifest, but can’t make it go…