[Release] Cinematic Cam

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my first script release to the FiveM Forums :slight_smile:

What exactly is the “Cinematic Cam”?
The Cinematic Cam provides the user with an easy to use “additional” camera, that can be moved freely in the world. Additionally it can be attached to any npc/player/vehicle in the game in order to provide something similar to a “Dashcam” or just for fancy screenshots or videos.
You can set it on a specific position and angle relative to your character and the camera will move with the entity.

Features included:

  • complete control using NativeUILua by Frazzle ( NativeUILua )
  • complete control using NativeUILua-Reloaded by iTexZoz ( NativeUILua-Reloaded )
  • toggle the camera on / off
  • moving and rotating on all axes
  • using mouse AND controller input for rotation
  • setting precision rotation
  • setting field of view and speed of the camera
  • attach camera to any npc/player/vehicle entity
  • applying / removing a filter
  • setting filter intensity
  • toggle minimap on / off
  • toggle between player and camera control
  • you can now set up a permission based system rather easily

How to use the cinematic cam:

  • in the config.lua are several options you can change
  • default chat command is /cam to open the menu
  • attaching to entities: Open the menu, activate the camera and point at an entity, then select the respective menu point

Switching between NativeUILua and NativeUILua-Reloaded:

  • Change the client_scripts in fxmanifest.lua to whichever one you are using (make sure the names are correct as well!)
  • Change Cfg.useNativeUI and Cfg.useNativeUIReloaded in config.lua to reflect the above changes

Setting up a permission based system:

  • Uncomment server_scripts in the fxmanifest.lua
  • Change Cfg.usePermissions to true in config.lua
  • Open server.lua and insert whatever code you need in between the two comments and set the variable “isWhitelisted” to your result

Keyboard specific:

  • to open the menu: default button is Delete
  • moving: WASD, Space and Ctrl
  • rotating: Mouse Movement, Q and E for rolling
  • Field of View: Mouse Wheel Up/Down
  • Speed: Shift + Mouse Wheel Up/Down

Controller specific:

  • to open the menu: default button is (hold for ~1 second) Back (Xbox) or Select (PS)
  • moving: Left Analog Stick + LT/RT (Xbox) or L2/R2 (PS) for up/down
  • rotating: Right Analog Stick + LB/RB (Xbox) or L1/R1 (PS) for rolling
  • Field of View: Hold A (Xbox) or X (PS) + LT/RT (Xbox) or L2/R2 (PS)
  • Speed: Hold B (Xbox) or O (PS) + LT/RT (Xbox) or L2/R2 (PS)


NOTE: Requires NativeUILua by Frazzle! ( NativeUILua )
NativeUILua-Reloaded by iTexZoz ( NativeUILua-Reloaded )

Check out my other scripts as well!

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  • VehicleTransport - Adds much more dynamic to the attaching and detaching vehicles from transport vehicles
  • MarkerManager - Easy-To-Use Marker Creation and Management.

Installation Instructions:

  • make sure NativeUILua (or Reloaded) is being started in your server.cfg
  • start CinematicCam after NativeUI in your server.cfg (or whatever else you renamed the folder from Github)
start NativeUI
start CinematicCam
  • Once you are ingame, just press the default button or type /cam in chat


  • make sure you have the latest version of NativeUILua installed! (OR NativeUILua-Reloaded)
  • clear server and client cache

Video Showcase: (only shows the earliest version. New video will take some time)

Found a bug or have any ideas?
Let me know in this topic!

Do you want to edit and upload this script?
Feel free to, as long as you at least link to this thread and I am mentioned in the credits :slight_smile:


Looks good.

Beat me to it, nice release bud +1

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So at first I’m like why would anyone need this. I actually click on it to look at what it does and holy shit this is amazing.


Thanks good job my players is gonna love this

EDIT: i cant get this to work

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oh sorry… I’ll edit the description…

It requires NativeUILua by Frazzle:

And I am glad you all like it :slight_smile:

Damn, i heard there was a client side script for this. But its cool now its server side!

What exactly do you mean? This script is completely client side. I plan on doing something for my own server (a permission based system) but that won’t be in the official release.

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it is server sided

Oooh… I know what you mean now… sorry for that :smiley:

Yea, you put it in the server, so every player on your server can use it but there is actually no client-server communication going on in this script… that is why I was confused :slight_smile:

ahh okay

It doesnt work for some reason :frowning:

What exactly doesn’t work?

Do you have a client or server log for me to look into?

i only have a grpahics mod clientsides and i installed the resources like i do with everything, when i type in chat /free… it say’s /freecam but when i press enter i dont see a menu or something :frowning:

It seems like you don’t have NativeUI in your resources.
It is needed in order to actually make the menu show up.

If it is installed, please provide me with a server and/or client log, so I can check it :slight_smile:

If you use Discord, feel free to message me there Kiminaze#9097

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The FreeCam Is so Nice Thanks Mate !

An if disabling it attaching to the player would be nice. Note that you probably will need to use SetFocusArea respectively.

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That is a nice idea… Thanks for mentioning!

I’ll make it a config option so people can choose.

mybe add it so we can change it in the menu cuss some times we want both