[Release] Cinematic Cam

I’ve been experiencing the same issue with the SubMenu error.

Changing the fx_version in the manifest to Cerulean fixed it:

# cinemacam/fxmanifest.lua
fx_version 'cerulean'

Interesting… are you sure you didn’t change something regarding NativeUI?

The submenu error happens, when you have the wrong NativeUI version. (e.g. reloaded instead of the normal one).

Nope, but it might be that I’m using a more recent version of NativeUI or something… :thinking:

I personally can only guarantee the two versions that are linked in the OP.
And they have to be setup correctly or you have to adjust the paths in the fxmanifest of the CinematicCam

I love using cinematic cam andI’ve always had it working with NataiveUILua_Reloaded but recently im getting high resource warnings so I switched over to NativeUI and I get this error when calling the script:

Any idea or help for this? thank you in advance.

You need to change the values regarding both NativeUIs in the config.lua as well.

And since when does NativeUI give Resource Time Warnings? Never seen that before at all. Or did they change the threshhold for those messages again? :smiley:

I have this set in the config.lua for the NativeUIs
Cfg = {}

– specify, which menu should be used
Cfg.useNativeUI = true
Cfg.useNativeUIReloaded = false

as far as the resource time warnings, Im gonna peg that to another script or scripts i have. My spawnmanager was also giving me time warnings as well.

and the fxmanifest.lua? You need to comment reloaded and uncomment the normal one.

Yea, that doesn’t seem that normal with the warnings :smiley:

my fxmanifest.lua looks like this:
fx_version ‘cerulean’
games { ‘gta5’ }

author ‘Kiminaze’

client_scripts {

–server_script ‘server.lua’

it’s wierd, I’ll see the “/cam” command suggestion in the server chat box as I type it but the menu itself won’t open with NativeUI but works fine with Reloaded. I keep my nativeUI in the main server folder and cinematiccam in a [plugins] folder, do they need to be in the same folder to work?

Shouldn’t matter.

But what matters is the path to it. So if your NativeUI folder is called e.g. “NativeUILua”, then you would need to adjust that in my fxmanifest to ‘@NativeUILua/NativeUI.lua’, or another classic is ‘@NativeUI-master/NativeUI.lua’,

With these types of resources the folder names / paths need to be one and the same.
e.g.: '@ScriptFolderName/MaybeASubfolder/Something.lua' means that the resources folder MUST be named “ScriptFolderName” and it must have a subfolder and then the Something.lua inside there.

the files are named exactly the same and the path is correct in the fxmanifest. In my server the folder is named NativeUI and is pathed correctly.

Then the only other thing I can imagine, is an older NativeUI version. I suggest getting this one GitHub - FrazzIe/NativeUILua: Guads NativeUI ( https://github.com/Guad/NativeUI ) in LUA for FiveM
And testing it.

That was it, cam is working now. thank you so much for the help!

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I’m getting the following error:

How do I fix this?

Amazing release! Appreciate the hard work put into this!

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Sorry for the late reply. Seems like I have overlooked it.

This has to do with your server version and fx_version of the script not being compatible. Either try upgrading your server or another fx_version (like “cerulean”) ( Resource manifest )

Make sure the path to NativeUI is correct in the fxmanifest.lua and especially check the folder names.