[Release] CharCreator | Character Creator

Hey! I present to you my new script 'CharCreator’

From the first connection, the player will be sent to a place to make his character. The creation of the character is detailed, it contains:

  • the possibility of modifying the inheritance of your character
  • the facial features of your characters (jaw, cheek, eyes, lip, etc.)
  • the appearance of your character (eyebrows, hair, beard, scorch spot etc.)
  • A predefined outfit list (and configurable in the config.lua file)

The creation menu is in RageUI, only it does not require the RageUI resource, it is already incorporated in the script files

Demonstration of the script

You can download the script on github


have you tested this with kashactors? what would this traditionally replace on esx_servers. or do you just stick it in and it works?

Hello. I haven’t test with kashactors, maybe it can work you just have to call the function for open the menu in kashactors.

gottcha I understand, thanks a bunch. so this replaces skinchanger right?

No, you need skinchanger, but you must to but you have to make some small modifications on it. (Everything is described on the github)

ok thanks again for the fast replys

once register with the esx_identity the old skin creation menu is open, do you need to modify something in esx_identity ?

Hello, no you don’t need, you must only change the esx_skin and skinchanger script (Everything is described on the github)

Same issues, the old skin creation menu is open

Hello, what esx_identity are you using?

i don’t know but it’s just a custom html, you recommended what?

Make sure that in your esx_identity, you don’t call the function to open the skin menu

hi, thx the nice script. but i have an issue.
when i spawn and going to creator, the dialog didnt respon and i can move character.

this is the skin, skincreator file.

can you advice for me?

Hello ! Did you have some erros in your F8 consol ?

i think no error in F8 consol

I have a problem I can not create characters. I have put coat code. Of creator

Nice, Do you plan to integrate a clothing store?

May I see your code? Can you use it?

works fine for me. Thx for that creator @Nicoo

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After a few changes it works like a charm!
Thanks for sharing! @Nicoo

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