[Release][C#] VStancer

Hi Carmine, Is possible to save the mod (of the car) permanently?


I believe there used to be a way to automatically apply a vStancer preset based off of the vehicle’s license plate. So let’s say you’ve got a GTR and the license plate reads NISSAN, When you save the vStancer preset and the vehicle, the next time you spawn the vehicle it automatically applies the preset. Pretty sure there’s an option for this in the client sided vStancer.

There is no such feature. All you can do is to write your own script to interact with vstancer using the exposed API/exports. Unfortunately I am, and will be busy for the whole month of July, so don’t expect updates soon.

I mean; There is a way to do it but maybe not with FiveM Natives? I’m not entirely sure how these things work seeing as i’m still trying to get a foothold into making scripts for FiveM, But i’ll quote from IKT’s vStancer description on gta5mods. As far as waiting, i have no problem waiting.
Thank you for making this awesome resource :bowing_man:

Load a preset and List car configs show the items saved by the next two entries. In this submenu just press Return to load a thing, or press Right to delete that entry. In this submenu you can also choose to only show matching vehicles to the one you’re currently in.
Save as car saves the car + numberplate as entry. This can be used to automatically load an entry.
Save as preset saves the car + a name you insert as entry. This can be used to load an entry manually.
Auto apply cars matches the car you’re in with all cars in the database and if car name + numberplate match, applies the preset automatically.<

Is there a way this menu can only been used by some users? By exemple only the mechanic guys?

how to export mod vehicles? I just added SetWheelPreset as vehicles props on my extended, but only camber changed and saved to db. i don’t know how to export wheelsize and wheelwidth

Those aren’t supported yet.


I managed to do everything I wanted with this resource but my only question is that there is an export for menu open or not yet?


How do i install this mod? do i need to download menuapi?

Is there a way to add caster like the one on GTA5MODS?

how do i add a suspension menu?

Is there a way to set it to only admin can use?

Any idea why resource won´t start?

can we get permission support just like vMenu?

What should I type in the garage script to save the wheel tilt when I put the car in the garage. And where do I have to type.

please tell me completely from scratch how to install it