[Release] [C#] Vehicle Attachment and Tow Resource


Inferno Collection: Vehicle Attachment

Build Status

Public Beta Version 1.5

A lightweight vehicle attachment/tow script for FiveM. Attach vehicles to other vehicles and adjust the positioning with easy to use keybinds. Multiple attachments to the same vehicles (such as a flatbed trailer) are also possible.

This resource requires at least OneSync “legacy”. Use Public Beta Version 1.3 if you do not want to use OneSync.

Presently, the following can be customized:

  • Toggleable line that is drawn to show you what vehicle you are interacting with.
  • Toggleable chat message instructions on how to move vehicles around.
  • Attachment black/whitelist.
    • Toggleable between the two.
    • Toggleable option to have a complete whitelist, allowing control of which vehicles can and cannot be towed.
  • Max number of vehicles attached to one tow vehicle
  • Max distance from tow vehicles other vehicles can be attached.
  • Control over how fast/slow attachment positioning is.
  • Option to drive vehicles onto towing vehicle to confirm position (/attach driveon)


  • Go up to a vehicle and type /attach or /attach driveon
  • Select the tow vehicle, and then vehicle to be towed with the Enter key
  • Follow on screen instructions to position the vehicle
  • Repeat for as many vehicles as you would like to attach
  • When ready to detach, type /detach near a tow vehicle and vehicles will detach in the reverse order they were attached

Check out the Wiki for help setting up the resource.

Development Showcase Video (Showing Public Beta Version 1.21)


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The Inferno Collection Team


good work <3


great release good work dude.


At first I was like “Meh that’s just a tow system, already saw this” but when you showed the quad in the pickup and the bicycle at the back of the SUV, now you got my attention :smiley:


I love this release, my only thing is some people use keyboards that don’t offer a Numpad so it’d be nice to have a config for keybinds so we could change it to arrow keys or something. Good release though!


That’s a very good point, I’ve taken my Numpad for granted. I’ll see what I can do about that in a future update :+1:

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Use the new keymap thing so people without numpad just remap key to what they like :slight_smile:

This looks AMAZING (as usual from your work!).

One question I do have, is it possible to move the little notifications that come up behind chat to the top right instead of top left so it’s not tucked behind chat?

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Not at the moment, but I’ll look into better ways of getting the message across in a future update.

Nice release. Have you thought about using the key mappings, then players would be able to make it their own key and then the instructional_buttons scaleform for showing the keys?


As of this :point_down: comment, yes lol. I’ll use them in a future update :+1:

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wow this is amazing! great work

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whitelist tow vehicles like Flatbed or any vehicle we whitelist < It will be nice.

Um… I’m having this issue
“Warning: Resource inferno-vehicle-attachment does not specify an fx_version in fxmanifest.lua.”
Is there any help for this?

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Superb resource!
Maybe make an update to be able to block the command / attach to some people?
And maybe have a language file, to be able to translate the script?

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There is a whitelist built-in, reference the wiki if you need help setting it up.

Make sure you’re running an up-to-date server artifact.

I will consider it, however, in the past adding whitelists to my resources has been nothing if not painful.

Again, I will consider it, but the code is open source, so people are free to edit the notifications and recompile the resource if they so wish.

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Hi. Great release.
Came here with few ideas.
Would it be possible to have some kind of prop support? Like picking up the prop from the ground and put it on a car.
Or another standalone attach script that would allow to put objects to a car. Speakers and what ever else there is.
With some limits obviously. Like size limit. No collisions. And maybe few staff commands that can clear attachments. Would be useful when someone attaches something big. And toggle collison for a selected prop command. People will abuse the hell out of it when it would allow to attach a massive building with collision enabled. Had one when I was a mod in one mta server.
Back in mta days we had something like this. People made some crazy things to their vehicles.
My english isn’t great here. Hopefully you got the idea.

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Have been looking for something like this
Keep up the work!

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Since this resource is half and half between a tow script and a general purpose attachment script, I won’t be adding anything too tow specific, such as tow sounds, tow props, etc. Thanks for the suggestion though.

That’s far outside the scope of this resource I’m afraid, and I won’t be creating a separate one just for that. If someone else wants to take this resource and rewrite it to achieve what you are after, they’re free to do so, so long as they operate within the license.

Would you consider adding the option to adjust the vertical rotation. For example a ramp style bed?

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