[Release] Bowling Hall interior [MLO]


This is an enterable Bowling hall imported from GTA IV




This Bowling hall includes:

  • Enterable
  • 8 Rows to play on
  • Burger shot :wink:


  • Just drag and drop, and add start breze_bowling in your server.cfg


breze_bowling.rar (6.5 MB)


Im not going to use this but damn thats cool gg on that one!


nice work as always Breze… just need a bowling game script now!

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dont think there any one out yet, lets hope someone is releasing one :slight_smile:

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Would definitely love for someone to make a bowling script to go with interior! Awesome work!

It sounded nice but when I start the resource … this is what I can see …

you need to see if you have another resource that controls collisions for this building…

There’s a hole behind the doors :stuck_out_tongue:

So I think it’s not loading the bowling alley ymap

You gotta restart the whole server

aswell as you can’t rename any files, wouldn’t work

just get this?

I restarted the full server, made sure the __resource.lua actually knows it’s maps and still all I see are the doors with a large hole behind it

I would use it if there was a bowling script. But nice release bro.

someone’s gotta work on a bowling mod stat!

so wheres the script

Not released

is it going to be?

i am not the author of the script, so can’t tell