[Release] Blips style GTA IV

Blips of Grand Theft Auto IV for FiveM.

Screenshot : https://prnt.sc/plgm45

Download resource : https://github.com/Nevylish/blipsofgtaiv (sorry for dead link)

List of GTAV blips (it’s the same id for gtaiv blips) : https://docs.fivem.net/game-references/blips/

===== CREDIT : https://fr.gta5-mods.com/misc/iv-beta-blips =====

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Nice !

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where do i place this??

In your resources folder.

Sorted it now, its missing the _resource file btw, Iv added the ytd file to a cusotm script i use

Hi guys, Installed it, added the resource.lua and stream folder but cannot have the look provided in the screenshot. I’m missing something I think

So you just stole my mod from 5Mods (not leaving credit) and you put it into stream folder? Nice

I stole nothing, I have just seen this post

Send me your 5mods link, i add credit you or delete this post. Im not ‘owner’ of this script, it’s an other developer of my server. Sorry.

Sorry for my bad english.

Looking very good, but at least give credit to the owner :confused:

I added credit.

Good release but it’s already on gta 5 mods…

good job

resources file?

it doesnt show in map

bro i can’t download

bro please give me the download link please