[Release] BetterTorch

Hello, I decided to try and recreate the LSPDFR flashlight (It is not perfect as far as the animation goes but I tried). If you find a better animation please just let me know and I will switch it around. I wrote this pretty quickly as I wanna contribute while not having a whole lot of time so don’t hate on me for the code.

I have not tested this with other clients. If someone can please test this with other clients that would be great if you could report back to me with any issues.


  • Pull the flashlight out. The script runs off of the flashlight weapon and will set itself up.
  • You can use (RIGHT_CLICK) to turn the light on and off.
  • Remove the flashlight by just changing weapons.

Source Code
Compiled Direct Download


Known Issues

  1. If you switch from the switch blade to the flashlight the flashlight will not position correctly. It is because I am using a wait delay and the animation for the blade is longer than my wait. I will need to fix that later.

How do I report a bug?
Report bugs here please


Something I noticed and didnt want to create a github account for is this:https://forum.cfx.re/uploads/default/original/3X/3/d/3d953feb6558ce56e5f7a2f5ea745896f5c23c45.mp4

Hold on. Let me look at it. It is probably something I overlooked.

It involves clients. Basically client lights don’t sync to each other and the ray of light is based on the person whose light is on. So the light source is attached to other people BUT it rotates based on the person who is controlling their own light.

Yeah. I am gonna get some people in a test server and just start altering code and see if I can get this fixed.

This is why it sucks not having a whole lot of people to really test things before a release. I will get this fixed as fast as I can though.

Yeah I was gonna also suggest having a way that people can look up and down with the light. Cause it only does it in a straight line.

Well I have had people tell me to do that but I am unsure how I could do that with the restrictiveness of the Animation natives.

We have fixed the sync issues. Stupid mistakes on my part. We also fixed some positioning issues with the light to other clients.

Thanks to

@Chemical @Woopi

for helping me find and fix the issues.

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Why does the character’s left hand stick out? http://prntscr.com/nhfufl

Because that is just how that animation is. I am unsure how LSPDFR was able to either find the animation (I haven’t found it) or they have found a way to only play the animation on one arm or they may have even edited the animation. No clue.

If you have a different method / animation to replace it just let me know and I will switch it out.

Doesn’t the standard flashlight weapon animation only use one hand and allow you to aim it in all axes?

People don’t like it because they need to ADS for it to show the light and they don’t like it down at the hip so basically I just scripted my own. If you like the default flashlight then use the default one.

Sometimes, we have to restart the resource due to the flashlight pointing straight up in the air.

Edit: I really love the new light it gives however, it’s bright and reaches far.

The light does or just the prop? If it’s just the prop just switch weapons it should fix itself

I apologize, I was thinking that a combination of the vanilla animation and your implementation of not requiring ADS and a different light/client syncing would be a nice middle ground. This still seems to be
a nice resource that I might end up running.

I may in the future actually allow the toggle from over the shoulder and hip animations. I just wanted to get this out as fast as I could so that my lack of time doesnt make the work I already had never get released.

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this would be even cooler if you could hold a weapon out in your other hand kind of like this https://protectionimages.bobitstudios.com/upload/police/content/photogallery/_migrated/High-Neck-1-__-1175x784-a.jpg


Hi, a good idea would be to use the flashlight from vehicles.

Im not sure if I could 100% do that. Maybe in the future because handguns already have flashlights on them as attachments.

That sounds pretty cool. I may look into that.