[Release] BattleRoyalStyleSafeZone , i made pubg style blue zone

i made pubg style blue zone

BattleRoyalStyleSafeZone help you make safe zone ( like blue circle of pubg ) in gtav(fivem)

You can make pubg style blue zone

blue zone move to nextSafezone smoothly

Just set value to

git : https://github.com/SungJJinKang/BattleRoyalStyleSafeZone


nice does it damage you when the circle gets smaller?

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you can do that with isPlayerOutOfZone, ApplyDamageToPed func


im not good at coding idk how to do that

Here is a code I made for player who want to be damaged out of the safe zone : Add in in a new thread with while do true. Or in any existings thread with a while. (If you know how to not interfer with the code)

	local playerPed = PlayerPedId()
	local playerPedIsOut = isPlayerOutOfZone(currentSafezoneCoord , currentSafezoneRadius )
		if playerPedIsOut == true then
			ApplyDamageToPed( playerPed , 0.01 , false )

To make this mod work : You have to add this in _ressource.lua

before :

client_scripts {

After :

client_scripts {

Now I have to figure out how to debug the next zone swap. Cause it doesn’t work too.
[EDIT] : Ah ok there is only one zone. The next zone is the final look and pos of the first one. KK perfect ty.

Nice script bro I was needing somthing like that to win some time TY.

ok thank you.
i will change next~ variable name to target~ variable name to remove confusion

Nice addition to make thing complete()

-To make thing easy to use… I noticed only after that the blip is in client side. The only weird thing is if you rejoint. The blip is again to the initial position.
This is bad in case of crash/bug/déco. And can lead into exploiting in case of real b.royal mod. May change value server side ?
-I can help you to do that … but you have nice math formula so I guess you won’t need me but :

  • You add while to count live player. Then if one player alife you draw 3D text GG winner etc… (nice thing to add the player number before the message so if admin are in spec they add count in config.

  • You could add multiple blip and do : if radius <= (config number) then newzone = (new coord) Then you’ll have real b.royal style blip.

I have no time :sleepy: or would do and share instant

Ah. Another thing : but it’s now bug report. Sometime the map and minimap will be flickering for unknow reason(s)… Dunno where to look at for this.


ah right,

First. yeah right its better that current, next coord radius is on server side, creatblip part is on client side. i’ll change it soon thank you for suggestion

Second. actually i made already code showing winner text and i’'m using that code in my project, but this resource’s only about safe zone (not battle royal mode). so i think people will make it themself

Third. maybe you’re saying about showing target safezone coord, radius with blip to help player make strategy
yeah right. i think that’s good idea, i’ll add it thank you

hello. Thanks for the release first but can you explain more on how to use (how to set the value and where can i input it). please

i started the script but there is no zone

did you call ‘brv:setCurrentSafezone’ event
can i see your code

just trigger ‘brv:setCurrentSafezone’ event, pass arguments.
can i see your code?

What do you mean by call brv:setCurrentSafezone???

call TriggerEvent(‘brv:setCurrentSafezone’, coord, radius) , set value you want at coord, radius

Dont expect me to know where do i put that im bad at coding i just download the script add it to the server.cfg and thats it

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ah ok, but if you want to place safezone at where you want , you have to know how to use TriggerEvent fuc

put this code at end of “client.lua”

TriggerEvent(‘brv:setCurrentSafezone’, {x=xv ,y=yv, z=zv }, radius)

change xv, yv, zv, radius to value you want

TriggerEvent(‘brv:setCurrentSafezone’, {x=-33.777 ,y=-1102.021, z=25.422 }, 100)

like that??