[RELEASE] Badger_Tackle & Badger_Doorlock [NO ESX REQUIRED]

it is not working

Creating script environments for Badger_Tackle

Started resource Badger_Tackle

This is great for troubleshooting… It works fine on my server. What is “not working”. Specify to get proper help.

So obviously it’s possible to add more doors to this, but may i ask how you got all of this object information? Did you use some sort of script/resource? Or did you maybe use an editor? With the stuff we’re running on our sever it would be extremely useful to be able to add custom doors. Also when you got the hash for the object was that just by searching on pleb masters?

Thanks in advance!

Use vMenu developer tools

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But how do you get the exact coords and heading of the door?
Do i only need a rough estimate?


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Thank you very much!

I’m getting the following error

I tried fixing it myself but i’ve had no luck

At Mission Row PD a large object is at the front door keeping players from going inside it’s almost like a big white object what should I do?

I have a problem where it says: “Could not find dependency es_extended for Badger_Doorlock”

Remove dependency line from the __resource.lua. I keep forgetting to update the GitHub with that change. Sorry about that. Will do it now.

Where does the discord token go? i put the guild id in Config = {id} am i even supposed to put the discord bot token any where in the script?

Works great! Have a question about the Garage doors that rotate upon opening, when locking them at the open position the door moves up each time. Is there anyway to stop this, am I missing a value or something?
Thanks keep up the great work!

Hey Badger I have the config list confined but I still cannot lock and unlock doors

Does this work with your badger API

Yes it does

Is it possible to make it so the door lock thing only shows up when a cop Is onduty?

Is there a way where you can make it possible to picklock the doors ect, for example using this:

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