[RELEASE] Badger_Tackle & Badger_Doorlock [NO ESX REQUIRED]

It would be great if I could let civilians have the chance of breaking out of jail.

Did you add onto the door lock which roles can use that lock?

This isn’t a jail script? :confused:

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Hey boss,

I’m modifying your door locking script, to allow jailbreaking support via FX/NonESX

I’m trying to add an elseif to your permission checking.

so basiclly i have a command “/givekeycard” with exporting etc done, but I’m having trouble adding an elseif hasKeycard to your isAuthorized function.

Any idea on what i would do? thanks!

function isAuthorized(role, doorObject)
	for k, rolee in pairs(doorObject.authorizedRoles) do
		if rolee == role then
			return true

	return false

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Getting this error in the console: cfx> SCRIPT ERROR: @Badger_Doorlock/server/main.lua:59: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘Config’)

Does This Work With Your API??

i have tried everything, can’t get the door to lock and unlock.

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Then i gotta tell you, you’re doing something wrong, without a response from badger i tested this out in my server and it still works just fine, just make sure you’re using his API

It there a way to make it without permissions besides civs

hello, I have a question how can I make sure that only the police can use Badger_Tackle

Have you found a fix for this issue yet?? its still on-going

how do I do this with gabz mrpd?

How to I add custom doors to the config, I can’t find the prop name through the hash but I can view the props of the custom interior through open IV, do I just put the name of the prop cause that’s what I’m thinking but idk because the name just looks wrong like here’s the name: xm_cellgate.ydr

Is there any way we can just put the model hash instead of name?

If you bought his MRPD, it comes with a door plan with all the info you’ll need.

is it possible to tackle a npc?

So I am trying to intall the bagders door lock script but for some reaosen it dont wanna work when I just apply the role I’d in config.lua and upload it with no modifications it works but when I try to add more door locks in sandy and Paleto bay this is the error I get any idea on how to fix this

SCRIPT ERORR: @Badgers_Doorlock/client/maine.lua:26: attempt index a nil (global ‘config’
SCRIPT ERORR: @Badgers_Doorlock/client/maine.lua:69: attempt index a nil (global ‘config’