[RELEASE] Badger_Tackle & Badger_Doorlock [NO ESX REQUIRED]

Works great! Have a question about the Garage doors that rotate upon opening, when locking them at the open position the door moves up each time. Is there anyway to stop this, am I missing a value or something?
Thanks keep up the great work!

Hey Badger I have the config list confined but I still cannot lock and unlock doors

Does this work with your badger API

Yes it does

Is it possible to make it so the door lock thing only shows up when a cop Is onduty?

Is there a way where you can make it possible to picklock the doors ect, for example using this:

[Release] pd-safe (Standalone LUA safecracking minigame) - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community


It would be great if I could let civilians have the chance of breaking out of jail.

Did you add onto the door lock which roles can use that lock?

This isn’t a jail script? :confused:

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Hey boss,

I’m modifying your door locking script, to allow jailbreaking support via FX/NonESX

I’m trying to add an elseif to your permission checking.

so basiclly i have a command “/givekeycard” with exporting etc done, but I’m having trouble adding an elseif hasKeycard to your isAuthorized function.

Any idea on what i would do? thanks!

function isAuthorized(role, doorObject)
	for k, rolee in pairs(doorObject.authorizedRoles) do
		if rolee == role then
			return true

	return false

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Getting this error in the console: cfx> SCRIPT ERROR: @Badger_Doorlock/server/main.lua:59: attempt to index a nil value (global ‘Config’)

Does This Work With Your API??

i have tried everything, can’t get the door to lock and unlock.

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Then i gotta tell you, you’re doing something wrong, without a response from badger i tested this out in my server and it still works just fine, just make sure you’re using his API

It there a way to make it without permissions besides civs

hello, I have a question how can I make sure that only the police can use Badger_Tackle

Have you found a fix for this issue yet?? its still on-going

how do I do this with gabz mrpd?

How to I add custom doors to the config, I can’t find the prop name through the hash but I can view the props of the custom interior through open IV, do I just put the name of the prop cause that’s what I’m thinking but idk because the name just looks wrong like here’s the name: xm_cellgate.ydr

Is there any way we can just put the model hash instead of name?