[Release] Auto Merge Vehicles

This application will make your work easier.
Put all vehicles to one folder and run this shit.

Download : Release.zip (870.2 KB)
Update 28/4 : Release.zip (870.4 KB)

  • Push error notification
  • You must use default meta name (vehicles.meta, vehiclelayouts.meta, handling.meta, carcols.meta, carvariations.meta)

Update 29/4 : Release.zip (870.4 KB)

Update 22/5: Release.rar (793.3 KB)

  • Your error vehicles will be moved to /Error



Very nice job bro :100:

Keep topic english please.

Hi bro, can i ask you something about your old topic “stream custom marker”, thank you for your script anyway sir

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All releases must include source code. Also you should be using an fxmanifest.lua, not a resource.lua.

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i 'll include it now

Unlisted until source code


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Can merge several

I packed all the cars in one folder but they don’t spawn

Whats the difference between fxmanifest and resource? Most scripts do have a resource.lua or did something recently change that makes it so fxmanifest is better (not really sure what the difference is hence why i am asking) :slight_smile:

fxmanifest.lua is the updated way fivem uses the resource.lua file

Gives this multiple times:

Then after a few vehicles at 5% it gives this:

Then i check the merged folder and it only has a few cars (i have A LOT more than a few cars in that folder) What would be causing this? :slight_smile:


Does it work with emergency vehicles aswell? Like sirens for example?

Ok so apparently it doesnt work for vehicles that have __resource.lua file instead of fxmanifest and does not work for vehicles that has no txdRelationship in vehicles.meta file?

no it send back an empty carcol.meta

What is exactly needed for us to be able to do this? I have been trying different ways but so far i am pretty sure it cant merge those folders that has __resource.lua instead of fxmanifest and if theres no txdRelationship in vehicles.meta it wont work for those either?

This doesnt work for me for some reason I dont know why, I know that the carcols dont merge but nothing did it just put all of the mod files together and made blank metas.

no working i dont have stream