[RELEASE] Advanced Screenshots

Advanced Screenshots

FiveM advanced screenshots script


  • Take screenshots with motion blur, also effect on wheels / entities
  • Configurable motion blur samples and shutter speed
  • GUI menu control


  1. Install screenshot-base resource
  2. Download or clone this repo: kasuganosoras/advanced-screenshots
  3. Copy the advanced-screenshots folder to your server resources folder
  4. Add ensure screenshot-basic and ensure advanced-screenshots to your server.cfg
  5. Restart your server


:floppy_disk: Download v1.0.0

release license


How does it work?

It will take many screenshots in short time, then blend the multiple into one photo.

How to take screenshots?

You can press the screenshot key (default key is F10) in game to take motion blur screenshots.

How to set the samples and shutter speed?

Press Ctrl + F10 (or other key you set) to open the GUI menu.

The motion blur looks not good, why?

Try smaller shutter speed and more samples in setting, then drive slowly.


Suggested scripts

Have fun! :wink:


wooow like in forza

Nice release!

And thanks for the mentioning of my Cinematic Cam! :slight_smile:


Looks interesting, what graphic mods do you have though?

Siick script!
But whenever i click F10 its just in slomotion until i restart the server. How do i fix this?

nice, i wish there was something similar for client side.

Thanks for feedback, do you install the screenshot-basic correctly? Also, you should wait the webpack finished the installation task.

You can visit http://localhost:13172/ and click the “CitizenFX root UI”, then go to the Console and check if there is any error about this resource.

Thank you, i installed the screenshot-basic wrong, so works perfectly!

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Thank you for the script, it’s fantastic!

Also, what script is that that you use for the freecam in the video?

Cinematic Cam, links are in the post

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hey, what graphic pack are you using?


i have quantv but my game is nothing like it?

I’m using ReShade and custom ENB settings, and my QuantV is old version.