[Release] Admin UI Spawner Props Objects [PAID]

Nice!!! :star_struck:

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Hello, I wanted to know how I can recover the purchased file, I had a problem on my server and I lost everything


You can open the email you received when you purchased and use the download link again

I will look at it but I think I deleted the mail …

Send me a private message

Hi @Zenites_Team in terms of optimization. Do you think that this script running for people would be better, equal or better than opening CodeWalker and placing the props.


The script is very optimized, running at 0.01ms, the Props are not networks, so they do not cause lag to the server.

I imagine that with CodeWalker you would always have to open it to place the objects and then send it to the server. With this script you can create objects already inside the server and they automatically appear for all players, and let’s say you want your administrators to help you build something, with this script it is possible because everyone can work together to build something.

So as a matter of practicality, I think the Script would be better than the CodeWalker. I don’t know if when using CodeWalker, players would have to download something or if it would cause a loss of optimization for the server or player, so I can’t say in terms of optimization.

If CodeWalker does not cause any loss of optimization, then it would probably win by 0.01ms in this respect

this works with qb-core without needing any editing?

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This is a standalone script whose only dependency is mysql-async, ie it works in qbcore as long as it has the mysql-async script.
And if you want only admins to be able to add objects, then you’ll have to do a little addition in the script to check if the player is admin

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