RedM Trains

A simple script that adds trains to RedM. Adds the Southern and Eastern Railway route as well as the Central Union Railroad route. A Tram has also been added in Saint Denis.


  1. Download the latest version
  2. Drop ts-trains into the resources folder
  3. Add ensure ts-trains to your config file

Planned features

  • Config file for train routes & stops
  • NPC Passengers
  • Robbable trains, NPC + Armoured



Hello, is it possible to change the stop time of the train at the station !!

Hey !

Trains do not move and get stuck, that’s normal ?

Not currently unless you compile it yourself, will add it as an option when the config file is added.

Trains should only stop moving at the specified train stops or when they are waiting for another train to move. Where do the trains get stuck & is their any specific way to reproduce the issue?

ok no problem but the config file will be put soon ?

Thank you very much for sharing it, I am looking forward to seeing those improvements that you have planned

Nice script, train works fine but the tram is a bit finicky, it moves sometimes, and will slightly move then stop 10-15 times little by little before actually moving again, not sure why

The tram will stop if they don’t have a clear path, going to look into making AI move out of the way for the tram and that will hopefully solve this issue

ok that makes perfect sense, i was wondering what was going on lol, but its a really cool script i didnt know a tram was possible

Please allow us to set the speed of the trains individually with the config file once it is released.
I tried playing around with the values, it is working but ONLY when the npc is driving the train, if I hope in the pilot seat the train moves at the default speed.

Easy to install & works fine. Good job, thank you again !

Edit: but stopped after some playtest. A train is stopped at Riggs Station, and after 10 minutes, don’t restart :confused: