RedM OneSync Updates

Hey all,

Just curious if we have any updates on OneSync for RedM. RedM and the CFX devs have done such an amazing job, but a lot of really great communities are struggling to have full experience as the 32 player limit is just not enough to support the communities.

So really love RedM just curious if we have any new info regarding OneSync since it was road mapped for earlier this year I think with no sign of it.

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It wasn’t ever “roadmapped” for anything at all, and is currently still not anywhere in plans for now or in the near future.

You can work on it yourself, everything is open-source, but so far there is no real time for me to work on a port of something as complex as that for barely any benefit.

It should also be possible to do roaming bubble-based clustering using a modified session manager, but this would require research and testing that we can’t perform easily.

Ah in this post Roadmap: 2019-12, Q1 2020 and beyond it was listed on Q1 2020

Offer a basic prototype of OneSync for RedM.

but I guess that plan changed as can happen. Sorry I didn’t see it had been dropped.