Roadmap: 2019-12, Q1 2020 and beyond

Hi! It’s been a while, and there’ve been a lot of changes and plans, so it’s time to outline a general roadmap of the future for the project with some rough timelines.

December 2019

  • Hopefully(!) find correlations for remaining issues on FiveM caused by the portability code unification merge (mono-2.0-sgen.dll, Failed to launch through MTL). These only happen on a small amount (<1%) of systems, and we still haven’t found out exactly what leads to these issues.
  • Fix critical and trivial flaws in RedM, among which:
    • Steam/EGS entitlement integration. Steam is done now!
    • Porting of any missing FiveM functionality patches that are kind-of important. Server disconnection/reloading, dropping to menu on game error?
  • Rework the community branding to accurately.
    • New Discord/community policy.
    • Finalize rebranding of forums.
    • Unified authentication flow.
  • Start on RedM markdown natives repository.
  • Hopefully (depending on third-party partners) make forwarders a valid, resilient service.

January 2020

  • Intent exists to release GTA V Christmas 2019 update (‘Diamond Casino Heist’) on FiveM around this period.
  • Hopefully obtain enough data from users to perform additional fixes to OneSync on FiveM.
  • Improve RedM more, adding higher-level patches from FiveM and more.
  • Introduce fxports to cfx-server-data.
  • Correctly advertise and position OneSync Infinity/BigMode.

Q1 2020

  • Launch global Commerce functionality in conjunction with our services partner.
  • Unify documentation for RedM/FiveM.
  • Offer a basic prototype of OneSync for RedM.
  • Finalize FxMonitor and FxWebAdmin and make them the default server experience.
  • Put out a pre-release of the project tentatively named Compositing Launcher, which will offer RedM, FiveM and a bonus demonstration game in one single, seamless, unified server list interface. It’s going to be very different from the traditional game launchers you’re used to. :slight_smile:

Permanent tasks

  • Update anticheat based on community-reported cheat files. Do provide any actual runnable cheats you find! Just links to purchase pages don’t help. :frowning:
  • Fix crashes and bugs based on community reports.
  • Work with the community to get OneSync Infinity used more.
  • Merge community PRs! These are super important to us. :hearts:

Any chance we could get more info on the fxports? I’m curious about those :slight_smile:

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This is awesome. Good job.

Mainly interested in that Diamond Casino Heist update for FiveM.

OneSync for RedM.

And finally that compositing launcher.




But seriously, I love this community transparency. Great work!


Agreed, super hot.

:mascot: :heart:

These plans are very promising and looking great!

where can i link the cheat file?

Yeet yeet.

I’d say report to [email protected] with the files.

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my post has been hidden :thinking: :snail: XD thx anyway


A lovely road ahead! :heart_eyes:

Looking good :ok_hand:

As server developer on large scale in gaming company, how I can help and join in the team?

I love the transparency of yours, there are barely game devs that do so, although a question that pop in my mind, you gonna change the domain to be globally used accordingly to your service? I mean with a landing page to one of the mods you offer?

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what does this mean ?

Only zap servers ? ^^

No. ZAP hosting has no such functionality

  • Intent exists to release GTA V Christmas 2019 update (‘Diamond Casino Heist’) on FiveM around this period.
  • Hopefully obtain enough data from users to perform additional fixes to OneSync on FiveM.

Oof… sounds lovely. Especially the last part.

Can I ask why focus is also in 1s Infinity, when OneSync is still in Alpha? :thinking:
To me, I feel like the focus should be to get 1s more reliable and stable before moving on with more players. To be more specific:

  • player_zero / “Michael”-bug - A really frustrating one :warning:
  • The few remaining migration issues:
    • Like other networked ‘player owned’ entities is getting invisible when forceMigration is not enabled
    • If distanceCullVehicles is enabled, it is causing client crashes, and players to be invisble randomly
  • Generel client crashes

Each exists alongside one another. Fixes to one benefit the other, as well.