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We are still growing and looking for people that want to have fun. We are a laid back Community and offer so much on our server.

Stop by and see for yourself.

Looking again…

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Do you want to join a serious Roleplay server? Join San Andreas Skyline! We are looking for members to join in the fun. We are a community based on Five M. We currently have 4 departments with a lot of room to grow.

Current Departments you can join TODAY!
*Blaine County Sheriffs Office
*San Andreas Fire Department
*Civilians of San Andreas
*San Andreas Dispatch Center

We offer:
A friendly environment to be in.
A fully functional Discord server.
Active and friendly staff members
Frequent updates for new content.
4 Different Five m Servers

*Must be at least 15 years of age.
Must be mature on all actions made and take full responsibility for them
Must have a legal copy of GTAV. (Not for dispatch)
Must have Discord
Must have a working microphone (no echo)
Must have the dedication to play on the server at least 2 times a week & department meetings.
Must speak and write fluent English.

Join our new intervierw server and go to the Department applications and fill out one of the four department applications. If you are serious about joining then review the information above.

SASRP Interview Server link —>

We hope to see join us in Roleplay in the future

~San Andreas Skyline Staff Team

We have experience in running servers and can offer a Friendly and fun filled time. We know what works in a Community and what doesn’t from Trial and Error. We are laid back and always looking for enthusiastic players

Michigan State Roleplay was founded in April of 2019 and has since grown to over 1100 members. We are a whitelisted community who utilizes vMenu to encourage the free flow of roleplay and aim to accurately represent Michigan Law Enforcement as it would be experienced. We have many former, current, and aspiring law enforcement officers in our community from Michigan and around the world.

Our Website:


Department of Public Safety

We have several departments for you to chose from covering all basis of Michigan level law enforcement as well as several others in the making such as the US Coast Guard to encourage water roleplay.

Currently Available Departments:

The Michigan State Police & Michigan Department of Natural Resources

The Wayne County Sheriffs Office

The Detroit Police Department

The Detroit Fire Department

Each department has several subdivisions, some of the most common being:

Air Support Unit

Canine Team Unit

Motorbike Unit

Gang & Narcotics

Traffic Enforcement Unit

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

SWAT / Emergency Support Teams


We also have a very active civilian department, our civilian department is constantly hosting events and even has a Federal Aviation Administration in order to qualify members to utilize aircraft. Some of our most recent events include the MSRP Racing Series where you can win prizes and also organized weekly events such as a Fight Night, Gumball Race, Parades, etc.

Hey there! Give tethered optic a shot! We may be a 14+ server but most of our members are 18 and older. We are a laid back server but are more serious when it comes to Roleplay if you get where I’m coming from. Tethered Optic RP | Brand New | Now Looking For Civilians,Dispatch,Police Officers, and Streamers | V menu Based | 14+ | 200+ Custom Scripts |

send the new link

Give our server a try

Give us a try.

Come check out THE NEW Idaho Department of Justice RolePlay!

IDOJRP is a community based on the state of Idaho. The server was created by 4 friends who got tired of the toxicity common in some servers and wanted to create their own community where people could join and have fun without the toxicity. WE ARE MADE FOR THE PLAYERS, we strive to make the server what our members want. If they want a car added, we will actually consider it. Have an idea for a plugin? EXCELLENT! Send it to us and we can take a look! Think something should be changed? No problem! We also love to give people the opportunity to work their way up, you will not be stuck as a Officer for an extended period of time, we also promote people to Moderator regularly.

We are an economy based “ESX” server with MANY fantastic jobs, cars, Custom EUP, Teamspeak, CAD, We provide 30K Starting money, and many plugins. All vehicles are as realistic to the IRL liveries as they can be. We strive to maintain a realistic and serious feel, with Active staff, while still having a lot of fun.

Departments hiring:
Idaho State Police (ISP)
ADA County Sherriff
Idaho State Communications

If you are interested please join our discord, we would love to have you as a member of our community!
Join our

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Just pick a server which you think is unique, and has the best content.

Such as this amazing one below.

-> RepublicMP <-

Link to our features!

awesome dude

Hey interested in joining if you could send a new discord link!

@SmokeyDeBear May have a server for you, small but growing.
Northern Justice RP | 16+ Age | Hiring Department Heads | Need Staff | Realistic RP | US East Based

check us out: Rapid Response Role Play | Active Community | LEO/EMS | Custom Vehicles | CAD/MDT | Discord:

StreetOutlawsDOJ is a role play server based off of San Andrea’s. Here at SODOJ we strive to preform as professional and be the best that we can possibly be for the fiveM community. We currently have five departments open which include the follow.

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
Los Santos Police Department
San Andreas State Police
San Andreas Fire/Ems
Staff team

StreetOutlawsDOJ is a vMenu server with structure and discipline set in place to ensure every member of the community has the best experience that any member could ask for. All members of SODOJ are very mature and consist of adults that want to make this server strive to be the best that it can be.

Some things you will find in SODOJ

  • Active Staff
  • A lot of staff positions open
  • EUP
  • Clean HUD
  • Clean Server
  • Anti Cheat
  • Custom Civ Cars
  • Custom Scripts
  • Custom Server Launcher

Our discord link is below.