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Signal One Role Play is a brand new community that a group of friends have spent a lot of time working on. We strive to be as lenient as we can to provide our members with the best RP experience possible! We are a new community with a bright future and we would love for you to join us as our applications are now OPEN! Our community is dedicated to professional role play and all our members will go through our extensive training in their selected department. Please remember to check back here to see which departments are open and which are closed! Departments:

Law Enforcement - Open
Civilian - Open
Communications - Open
Fire - Open

We are always expanding and have big plans in mind! So what are you waiting for? Come along the journey and start your career, with S1RP!

Signal One Website

Signal One Application

S1RP Recruitment Video

Developer looking for something different
Looking for a community (I'm very experienced)
Looking for a new FiveM Community/Home
Looking for Server that I can Stream on and have fun
I just want a serious solid RP server
Looking for a community (I'm very experienced)
I am Looking for a new Community
Active Law Enforcement Officer Looking for Server
New to rp. Looking for server
Vermont Department of Justice Roleplay | VTDOJ | Est. 2021
Looking to join a community, whitelisted or public :)
=-=Looking for a fivem server=-=
Dispatcher For Hire!
Vic looking to join a new rp server and be high command
I'm looking for a Good Whitelisted Menu Server, Former Staff and Rper
IRL LEO and Army Vet looking for Great server
Any server looking for Department Heads? Very Exp Looking for New Servers!
I am looking to join FD
Recommendations for a new server
Looking for a mature, realistic & populated roleplay server
Newbie looking for a server
[RP] Looking for a whitelisted server
Looking for new home
Looking to join a good server with good potential. (Willing to work with brand new servers)
Looking for new server
Looking for new server to join
Looking for v menu whitelist server
Looking for very realistic RP server
Looking for server to join asap
Looking for a Professional Roleplay Server (Experienced In Administrative Positions)
Beginner looking for RP server and advice!
Looking to find a new home!
Looking for a whitelisted, just in general serious rp server
Looking For A Group
Developer & Web Developer looking for serious roleplay community
External Dispatcher - Looking for a server that will accept external dispatcher
Looking for serious rp
Looking for a Serious, Respectful, and Good server

S1RP is a great community with lots of freedom to role play how you want. I love how they combined all of law enforcement into one department so I am able to pick and choose each day what department I want to patrol as. The directors and all the members of the community are wonderful people and I am glad to be apart of the team.

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Here are some photos!

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What are you waiting for? Join us today!

This is actually a good server. Being able to run any department in LEO is awesome!

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Some Pictures!!

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The snow is officially gone!

Patrol tonight! Apply now and get interviewed within the next couple of hours!

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Writing tickets for those speeders

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Patrol tomorrow! Apply today and get trained by tomorrow before patrol!

Patrol tonight! Apply now and you’ll be good to go by patrol!

Patrol went amazing tonight! Come join us for some quality roleplay!!

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