[RECIPE] PlumeESX - full base 2021!

i put tabarras repo instead of mine :kek:

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if you already haev it set up start txadmin go in settings and click reset fxserver then for recipies click custom recipe and just paste the recipe in there

Thats what I seem to be having an issue with. Im trying to do the custom recipe and paste that, however it isnt giving me that option. When I select custom template it goes right to data location and doesn’t ask me for a new base.

Ok, Nevermind it seemed to be an issue on my end, had to clear a new folder set it up and refresh it a couple times, then it let me continue. Thank you!

just click thru it it com,es up latyer

It is still esx V1 Final correct?

no esx v1-final has been removed from the internet this is esx legacy, a better more update version

Ok, what is the version of esx that it would technically be then? Im installing mf-multichar because kashacters hasnt been updated and its apparently a nightmare mess. I have to configure the esx version.

uhhh this topic isnt really for installation support i would recommend just using the multichar that comes with the recipe

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I didnt see one

I’ve just done a fresh install and there are two issues:

  1. Properties doesn’t have the database setup, not a hard fix, just run the sql file
  2. When I have the police job I can’t see the markers for things like clothing or cars etc when I relog, I have to either reset my job to police or restart the police resource to get them back. Does anyone know why this might happen?

You did the Lord’s work posting that recipe! Thank you. Saved me from soooo many headaches.

i dont see the plumeESX in popular templates

Why don’t you read the previous 3 pages of posts full of the same questions, each of which was answered in the same way.

ok im going to start flagging these posts