Realistic Axon Body Camera

A realistic overlay for the Axon body camera that police use. There’s also a menu to change to timezone if you wish as well as allow more features!


More information, including a video showcasing what the script does, can be found on the GitHub repository! Click here to go to it!




so no way to get footage of the bodycam when its turned on?

No, the game is too limited for that, you would have to record the game with OBS or something if you wanted that

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Your answer is complete nonsense and not practical at all.

Awesome script!!! As you know I have been using it. Is there ever gonna be a version so it gets client sided. Since I don’t think most people who play as a civ want to see the police body cam thing you know.

no, server owners will have to add that code themselves, I have no way of knowing how your server would check to see if someone is a police officer

Ya I don’t know unless whitelist gets put in.

Amazing resource! Great work. <3

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Or you can download this if you have OBS and use it as a HTML - XION aswell

everytime I open it in the server I cant close it

your folder name needs to be lowercase

How would i turn it on

Whenever I put the command for the camera, it wont let me leave the menu, in fact it wont let me do anything, anything I can do to fix that?


your folder name needs to be lowercase

Why would you make the folder name uppercase if the folder has to be lowercase?..

Because it’s way easier to read FiveMRCPAxonCamera than fivemrcpaxoncamera. Also it does say “it has to be lower case” in the installation instructions which people should probably be reading before trying to install it :smiley:

I pushed a big update, enjoy :slight_smile:

So this is not client side?

is this M7mhd