[(Re)Release] Server Sided LA Roads (HQ Realistic Roads)


Someone said the other LA roads wasn’t working so, I decided to upload a working one I had in one of my servers…

This is a big file and may possibly cause… texture loss, lower fps/frame drops, and instability. I had no issues using this as well as zero complaints. File is about 2 GB and will noticeably increase loading times!






Here’s one of the vids showcased on the Original Release


Link dead?

link dead :frowning:

Bad Link.

@JPaps fix the link, put on GitHub or upload directly to the forum.

Impossible to do either. Will find de Wae momentarily.

:man_facepalming: I didn’t actually see what you were releasing lol. Google Drive will be fine, just the link is currently broken.

@Zeemah Link Updated. BTW, did you play on Highspeed-Gaming a couple of years ago?

It seems to drop FPS but is quite nice!

goodjob, it works c:
just 1 issue: fivem has a file size restriction on ytd’s, so u essentially can only stream a ytd with a max size of something like 14mb i believe.
in total, 14 files are over 14mb.
good news: 8 of those files can be resized to under 14mb just by changing all the mipmaplevels in those files from higher than 1 to just have 1 mipmap level.
bad news: this leaves 6 files that you possibly can’t stream.

only fix i can think about is being able to split the ytd’s and somehow make that work. i sadly don’t know how to make it work. anybody else know another fix?


you can simply split them in 15 kb ytd files. just create 30 files or so inside openiv

found that one out a while ago and succeeded. it needs an extra file to make it work; gtxd.meta.
fairly easy to do and works flawlessly

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can u send me it?

Yes please can you send it to us :slightly_smiling_face:

@Preacher_Freigeist @WachukuIit

edit: here’s a piece of it