[QUESTION] roller coaster script

that… really looks like a help request to me… anyway no i won’t show you my code… if you want i can give you a snippet…

ok give me snippet

		static void CalculateQuaternion(Vector3 VectorParam, ref float Quaternion_X, ref float Quaternion_Y, ref float Quaternion_Z, ref float Quaternion_W)
			float Float0;
			float Float1;
			float Float2;
			float Float3;
			float Float4;
			float Float5;
			float Float6;
			float Float7;
			float Float8;

			Float0 = (VectorParam.Y / 2f);
			Float1 = (VectorParam.Z / 2f);
			Float2 = (VectorParam.X / 2f);
			Float3 = NewGMFunctions.Rad2deg((float)Math.Sin(NewGMFunctions.Deg2rad(Float0)));
			Float4 = NewGMFunctions.Rad2deg((float)Math.Sin(NewGMFunctions.Deg2rad(Float1)));
			Float5 = NewGMFunctions.Rad2deg((float)Math.Sin(NewGMFunctions.Deg2rad(Float2)));
			Float6 = NewGMFunctions.Rad2deg((float)Math.Cos(NewGMFunctions.Deg2rad(Float0)));
			Float7 = NewGMFunctions.Rad2deg((float)Math.Cos(NewGMFunctions.Deg2rad(Float1)));
			Float8 = NewGMFunctions.Rad2deg((float)Math.Cos(NewGMFunctions.Deg2rad(Float2)));
			Quaternion_X = (((Float5 * Float6) * Float7) - ((Float8 * Float3) * Float4));
			Quaternion_Y = (((Float8 * Float3) * Float7) + ((Float5 * Float6) * Float4));
			Quaternion_Z = (((Float8 * Float6) * Float4) - ((Float5 * Float3) * Float7));
			Quaternion_W = (((Float8 * Float6) * Float7) + ((Float5 * Float3) * Float4));

can’t wait to see your script in the resources forum :smiley: keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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if you need help to separate it to make it stand alone i can help you with it
add me on disord


no thank you :slight_smile:i’ll keep it in my gamemode

please share it we try to make that to standalone

:slight_smile: no i can’t, i can make it standalone… i don’t want to…

can i know why you dont want make standalone?

because i don’t want to :slight_smile: you can easily learn yourself how to do it instead of waiting for people to do it for you :slight_smile:

any tips?

Hi, im interessed. Could you please send me the script as well?

looks good