[QUESTION] roller coaster script

i don’t know where to ask it and how many people will want this script on there own server
i want to know how many people want it

im working with my friend on it

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I would like to see a video or what you put in if a better explanation about it and how it works

sorry for english

There’s the example @Henrique_otavio

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It looks great, I sign up, it would be nice to have it on the server

something like this? (Taken from my own gamemode)

if video doesn’t work… click here
sorry for the 30 secs await but i didn’t add the text yet counting time

yep im working on this yes

good luck… it took me one day to make the Lift from Paleto to mount chiliad to work and 1 week to make Rollercoaster and FerrisWheel to work XD and 2 days to get the correct rotation order XD

it took to my friend 1 day to make the basic moving speed and Physics so it will start slow medium and fast in the drops

only 1 day my friend so smart
the animation and how its work it took as like 2 days later

there’s always someone you can learn from :slight_smile:

the problem is not making everything move and etc… but sync players when they enter the rollercoaster and make them move toghether with it :slight_smile:

sync players its only taking like 1 hour

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I hope so

That looks amazing, any chance of releasing it after a while ?

nice job man!!!

this is wonderful

thank you :slight_smile:sadly i can’t it’s hardly connected to my gamemode and its environment… it’s really hard to make it standalone at the moment

can you show me your code? on discord?

which language are you writing your script in? Lua?

CSharp #C is it problem?

not at all… but i think i cannot help you… as i told before mine is not a script but a complex gamemode structure… your friend made it in 2 days… can’t he help you? so smart… 1 hour to sync players…

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i dont need help i asked if some one will be intersted on it
just want to see your code how you do it