[QUESTION] roller coaster script

nice job man!!!

this is wonderful

thank you :slight_smile:sadly i can’t it’s hardly connected to my gamemode and its environment… it’s really hard to make it standalone at the moment

can you show me your code? on discord?

which language are you writing your script in? Lua?

CSharp #C is it problem?

not at all… but i think i cannot help you… as i told before mine is not a script but a complex gamemode structure… your friend made it in 2 days… can’t he help you? so smart… 1 hour to sync players…

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i dont need help i asked if some one will be intersted on it
just want to see your code how you do it

that… really looks like a help request to me… anyway no i won’t show you my code… if you want i can give you a snippet…

ok give me snippet

		static void CalculateQuaternion(Vector3 VectorParam, ref float Quaternion_X, ref float Quaternion_Y, ref float Quaternion_Z, ref float Quaternion_W)
			float Float0;
			float Float1;
			float Float2;
			float Float3;
			float Float4;
			float Float5;
			float Float6;
			float Float7;
			float Float8;

			Float0 = (VectorParam.Y / 2f);
			Float1 = (VectorParam.Z / 2f);
			Float2 = (VectorParam.X / 2f);
			Float3 = NewGMFunctions.Rad2deg((float)Math.Sin(NewGMFunctions.Deg2rad(Float0)));
			Float4 = NewGMFunctions.Rad2deg((float)Math.Sin(NewGMFunctions.Deg2rad(Float1)));
			Float5 = NewGMFunctions.Rad2deg((float)Math.Sin(NewGMFunctions.Deg2rad(Float2)));
			Float6 = NewGMFunctions.Rad2deg((float)Math.Cos(NewGMFunctions.Deg2rad(Float0)));
			Float7 = NewGMFunctions.Rad2deg((float)Math.Cos(NewGMFunctions.Deg2rad(Float1)));
			Float8 = NewGMFunctions.Rad2deg((float)Math.Cos(NewGMFunctions.Deg2rad(Float2)));
			Quaternion_X = (((Float5 * Float6) * Float7) - ((Float8 * Float3) * Float4));
			Quaternion_Y = (((Float8 * Float3) * Float7) + ((Float5 * Float6) * Float4));
			Quaternion_Z = (((Float8 * Float6) * Float4) - ((Float5 * Float3) * Float7));
			Quaternion_W = (((Float8 * Float6) * Float7) + ((Float5 * Float3) * Float4));

can’t wait to see your script in the resources forum :smiley: keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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if you need help to separate it to make it stand alone i can help you with it
add me on disord


no thank you :slight_smile:i’ll keep it in my gamemode

please share it we try to make that to standalone

:slight_smile: no i can’t, i can make it standalone… i don’t want to…

can i know why you dont want make standalone?

because i don’t want to :slight_smile: you can easily learn yourself how to do it instead of waiting for people to do it for you :slight_smile:

any tips?

Hi, im interessed. Could you please send me the script as well?

looks good