QBCore Framework

how to transfer?

Just an update! We have now switched from ghmattimysql to oxmysql!

[Standalone] OxMySQL - Lightweight MySQL wrapper - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community


Hey, where can i find all the blips and their icons, i want to change some of them

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having an issue, when i start a mission with a dealer i dont get a blip or anything as a location to deliver the drugs? I this an error, if so where can i find the resource to fix it

Hi, is there a black market? if so where can i find the coords?

Make sure you’re on the latest version of pma-voice and that you always restart FiveM before rejoining your server

This was fixed a while ago, update if you haven’t

As far as I know it does, there shouldn’t be any problems

Just an fyi for @Kaiserkrister too, this was changed and now it only takes money from the bossmenu when you’re a mechanic, otherwise it takes money from the bank

Sorry if I missed it somewhere, how do you make yourself the Boss of each job? D:

Easy setup via txAdmin remote URL,Get stuck in the screenshot.

reset fxserver in txadmin and try reinstalling qbcore framework again… this should work

if not go to zap-hosting and reinstall server, to wipe the data fully and try reinstalling again - if you have issues with zaphosting reinstalling, please do a live chat with the staff from zaphosting

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How and where do get the weapon license I can’t find that anywhere !?

Police issue

what do you mean ?

hey, someone know why the ATM’s are not working? in the inventory i have the mastercard.

try /atm in the command

you need to be holding a police job, then try /grantlicense [id] [license] in the command
e.g. /grantlicense 1 weapon

Hello there i am new to fivem developement, so i wanted to ask how can i find the exact locations of every script or how does a script work (truck robbery, weed, coke, meth). It would be really helpful if you answer to my question! <3

They are marked with blips on the map to find them. Take a look at the config.luas and they will tell you locations and most stuff needed to know.

Make sure to set your job with the job command.

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