[QBCore/ESX/STANDALONE] Unicorn Lap Dance | qb-lapdance V1.2 [Free]


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Lapdance script for the Unicorn strip club, it will add a marker so you can buy a lap dance in the premium lounge :eyes:

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  • Strip-Club Blip & Lap Dance Marker at the Unicorn
  • Choose between different framework, qbcore is set by default. [standalone, esx, qb-core]
  • Update Checker and changelog if new update found directly in console on resource start
  • Run under 0.01ms on idle and 0.03ms when in lap dance (Max reach was 0.07ms)
  • Stripper animation from esx_lapdance by Loffes
  • Check for players already in a lap dance to avoid conflict or dupe
  • French, English language included (Locale system in a QBCore resource yeah you read right)
  • If you run into any issue with this resource, just set ‘Config.Debug’ to true, it will print some debug logs in the client console. You can then send them on this post :+1:

qb-lapdance is easily configurable:

  • Config.Framework

Choose which framework your server is using so qb-lapdance can work with it [standalone, esx, qb-core]

  • Config.LapDanceCost

Set the cost of the lap dance

  • Config.LegMoney

Little easter egg for your player, will add an accessory “Leg money” to the stripper if the player has more than ‘Config.LegMoney’ in cash. Set to a huge value if you don’t want this

  • Config.Nudity

Set to true if you want the stripper to be topless (Only for player above ‘Config.NudityAge’)

  • Config.NudityAge

Player age restriction. If underage and ‘Config.Nudity’ is set to true, the stripper won’t be topless. Set to 0 if you don’t want age restriction

  • Config.UpdateChecker

Set to false if you don’t want to check for qb-lapdance update on start

  • Config.ChangeLog

Set to false if you don’t want to display the changelog if new version is found

  • Config.Blip

Set to false if you don’t want the blip on the map

  • Config.BlipStripclub

This config will let you easily modify the blip to your need. It also include comments to help you in modifying it

  • Config.BlipCoord

If you want to move the blip on the map, change this.

  • Config.Language

Set the language variable that will be used for the locale system. For now, qb-lapdance has translation in French and English (fr or en), but you can easily create your own translation!

Some new features will be added soon: Being able to use the 7 seats and not only the first in the Unicorn, choose between different stripper, different gender for stripper(?), member card for cheaper lap dance(?)


  • None (For now I guess?)

Preview: Coming Soon



Near Marker

On Marker

In Lap Dance

Changelog :

Version ̶1̶.̶1̶ 1.2 : Changelog

Download & Installation


Download qb-lapdance.rar


  • Drag the folder into your <server-data>/resources/[qb] folder
  • If you don’t have ensure [qb] in your server.cfg you will need to add this
start qb-lapdance

If you have any suggestions I will be happy to hear them :wink:


awesome work! hopefully someone can convert to esx :smiley:

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Why not make it standalone with qbcore support if it’s just going to use the qbcore notifications.

It is not just using the QBCore notifications, it also uses the QBCore birthdate of the player for the ‘Config.NudityAge’ (And also getMoney/removeMoney obviously)

But I will update it with a standalone version :+1:

I might update it with ESX support, but you can use esx_lapdance until I update qb-lapdance since it pretty much works the same


Update 1.1

New feature

  • Config.Framework - You can now choose which framework your server is using so qb-lapdance can work with it [standalone, esx, qb-core]
    Thanks @Vihtal and @Xios_Bombay for this request/idea


  • Missing locale ‘StripperPause’ added

̶P̶l̶e̶a̶s̶e̶ ̶d̶o̶w̶n̶l̶o̶a̶d̶ ̶v̶e̶r̶s̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶1̶.̶2̶ ̶i̶n̶s̶t̶e̶a̶d̶

Update 1.2


  • Player was not being sited properly on lap dance start


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Maybe add a sitting animation bcs everytime i go inside i stand there

What do you mean? Can you add a screenshot or something?

You should be sitted during a lap dance… Might have miss something, will test that later but pretty sure it was working :sweat_smile:

Oops, I understand now, I will check right now the issue with it! :sweat_smile:

qb-lapdance has been updated to fix this issue, check this post:

Thanks again @BubbleDude for reporting it out! :heart:

awesome brother! keep up the good work

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Here is a few tips… hope it help you!

  1. Dont be so rude to bitches
  2. Try tipping with money instead of your fist
  3. Wine and dine her before asking for a lapdance…

Awesome script! Can you update it for Gabz MLO? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Gabz works are paid resources. I would love to but I can’t put any money into it :face_with_head_bandage:

i have done the coords to gabz MLO if you want i can upload them here in the comments? It may not be perfect but does the job. Not sure if that is a pull request i would do so happy just to give it to you or post it here.

You can try to do a pull request if you know how to, if not, you can DM me on cfx.re :+1:

I will DM you it as you can look it over if you want.

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did you get this edited i have the same issue would love for it to work with gabz mlo

Anyway you still have them? I have Gabz VU but not the coords. Would greatly appreciate it man.