[QBCore][ESX] Second Hand Vehicle Remastered | sell your used cars to other players

Hello , thank you for the purchase
For the first one, set debugmode in config to false
For the second one, you probably dont have engineHealth in vehicle properties
You can remove engineHealth from showing on top of the vehicles or add it to your esx function


FIX : SQL error on oldESX servers
FIX : seller would not get any money on oldESX servers

I need the new update where I download it

Dm me i will send it to you

I bought it and hopefully get it soon via Email

I still have problems

dm me i will help you

-rep :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: im whating 3-4 day for this script!!!

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hi again
told you, it will be email to you as soon as you buy it from tebex itself (its completely automatic)
also told you to contact me on DC if you didnt get it… you didnt , so…

i think it’s your email problem . i just buy and receive the script within 10 sec

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Just bought this . Just have a small problem and the seller very fast respons and fixed the scipt within 2minutes . Thanks and goodjob for you !

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Add : you can now Blacklist vehicle models
Fix : Vehicle wheels no longer go in the road on respawning (hopefully)
Fix : Fixed Turbo showing “no” even if vehicle have turbo
Fix : You cant open sell menu if every spot is taken already
Fix : Upgrades will now show correctly

contact me for getting new update

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The vehicle can be /DV
How to do ?
sorry my English is not good

vehicles can not be deleted by yourself without removing them from database
(they will automatically respawn)

After i /DV the vehicle .
Player re-login . Did not see the vehicle.
The same goes for server restart

in server is > No player found near vehicle number [%s] to host it! skipping…

I complete registered sales . Enter the game again… Did not see the vehicle
sorry my English is not good

the error you sent is not even from secondhandvehicle script
you have to check your lscustomV3 script

the thing is why do you even need to delete the vehicles in the first place ?
but anyway , make sure :

  • you are using onesync
  • your artifact is updated to the latest version

Because my server allows /DV

I own these

  • ES_Extended-Legacy (v1 final) or ExtendedMode
  • esx_menu_default[included in ESX]
  • esx_vehicleshop or esx_advancedvehicleshop
  • mysql-async

i also have /dv function but all looks good for me . after /dv the vehicle spawn again and again .


did you checked what i said ?
onesync and artifact ?