[QBCore][ESX] Second Hand Vehicle Remastered | sell your used cars to other players

Second Hand Vehicle Remastered (SHV Remastered)

Sell your used vehicles to other players in the best way possible !

Now with a complete rewrite for both ESX and QBCore !

I know , it took so long for this release, as some of you might know already, SHV V1 was my first serious script and also was my most successful release on Fivem to this day !!

and i wanted to release something a lot better than the first version so, here we go …

Lets look into all the features :

  • Huge performance optimization over V1 (most noticeable on large servers)

  • Multiple Vehicle shops now can be created with custom rules for each of them !

  • Interactive : Now you have to park your vehicle on sale place instead of it just getting teleported (see video)

  • Expire date for your vehicle (you can set a time for how long your vehicle be on sale)
    Screenshot 2021-10-04 131953

  • Config to make players pay for every day that their vehicle is on sale
    Screenshot 2021-10-04 131859

  • Blacklist or Whitelist jobs ! (want a shop only for mechanics or car dealers or … to make it exclusive for that job ? you can !)

  • Blacklist vehicle classes (want to have a shop only for motorcycles ? and another only for super cars? or you just don’t want somebody to put their truck in vehicle shop ? you can !)

  • Blacklist vehicles (can be configured for each shop)

  • Manager role to … you guessed it, manage the vehicles ! (managers can be configured in config file)

  • Manage your vehicle as manager or vehicle seller :

    • Cancel vehicle sale
    • Change vehicle position
    • Add/remove days to vehicle remaining days
  • Server-sided vehicle spawn for best performance and reliability !

  • Test Drive vehicles before purchase (can be configured for each shop)

  • Support for all new and old versions of ESX and QBCore out of the box !

  • Multi character is fully supported !

  • Easy database installation / migration from old versions with just a command !

  • Support for one-sync legacy and Infinite ( +500 people )

  • If you already have SHV V1, your database will automatically be migrated to Remastered with just a command as well !

  • Discord log for every important action by admins or players

  • A lot better synchronization between clients and server

  • New translation file, easier than ever (same custom way i use for all of my other scripts)

  • Players can drive their new car as soon as they buy it (no need to get your car at impound or anything like that)

  • All the vehicle upgrades will be transferred to new owner instantly

  • Seller will receive their money even if they are not online

  • Transaction Fail cashback ! (if transaction failed when buying vehicle for any reason, money will go back to buyer to prevent any issue)

  • Selling & buying process is completely server-sided, no cheat engine and other exploits!

  • Unlimited Shops (you can config as much as you want, no limit !)

  • Unlimited parking spot (you can config as much as you want for each shops too !)

  • Minimum and maximum price for selling vehicles can be changed in config

  • Minimum and maximum days for selling vehicles can be changed in config

  • Automatically put vehicles back to garage if their remaining days reached 0

  • 5 Type of vehicle info showcase :

Click Here to see config file screenshots (as the release time , could be different on newer releases)

Video :
Make sure to check both videos (ESX and QBCore) as there are diffrent stuff in each of them that are not in other video


If Video is not working , click here

QBCore :

If Video is not working, click here

Vehicle Infos :

If Video is not working. click here

How To purchase SHV Remastered :

ESX Version : SHV Remastered (ESX VERSION)

QBCore Version : SHV Remastered (QBCore VERSION)

Installation steps can be find inside the package

Code is accessible Yes*
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~2,700
Require OneSync Yes
ESX Version Requirements : ESX | mysql-async | ESX UI (dialog and menu)
QBCore Version Requirements : qb-core | qb-input | nh-context
Support Yes

*Most of the code are accessible and you can modify it as you like , but a very small part of the code is locked via Fivem Asset Escrow system to combat with resellers and abusers !
Still if you ever need any help, i am always available !
I hope you can understand the reason for this decision :heart:

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nice work!

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thank you !

Very nice! Does it have an option to not allow selling of financed vehicles? So if finance column is higher than 0 it should not allow the player to sell it.

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Nice job. I bought it and hopefully get it soon via Email :slight_smile:

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thank you!
not now, tbh, i forgot finance is a thing in esx vehicleshop :sweat_smile:
but its not hard to implement
you have to edit sql query where it check for ownership of vehicle
so if fiance is > 0 then return false
if you couldn’t get it to work , you can dm me

Thank you!
let me know if you didn’t received it

Purchased it. Overall pretty nice.

However, a major exploit I discovered. The owner remains the same in the database whilst the vehicle is listed for sale. This means that 1. I can head to my garage and pull the vehicle out, while its out for sale. And 2. I can take the same vehicle back to the selling point, and put a second copy of the vehicle up for sale.

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thank you for your purchase and positive review

i am aware about this problem
but there is also a solution for it in the readme file
you can just change the query on your garage script and problem will solve

let me know if you need any help

thank you!

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I bought it too, works great, looks great! But I have the same problems. Having trouble implementing not beeing able to sell when finance is higher than 0 and not beeing able to take out vehicle from garage and impound.

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if you still have problem, contact me i will try to help you get it to work

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Problems solved very fast! Good communication with the seller. Kind and fast. Thank you!

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Thank you!
Hope you enjoy

Nice work!

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I bought it but it doesn’t work …

hi, thank you for your purchase!
what is the problem ?
you can DM me if you want, i will help you


  • FIX : Script crashing in some rare cases
  • FIX : If you don’t have enough config position for vehicles and you have more in your database , it will not crash and will skip those vehicles
  • FIX : Added groupDigits function instead of using ESX one, so its a little more compatible
  • ADD : New config option : Config.oldESX , you can turn this on for compatibility on older ESX versions

[ if you have any problem with download link , dm me for new link]

A blacklist of vehicles would be dope!

Hello, nice job about your ressource

I have some question :

  1. Why the ressource spam my consol ?

  2. I don’t have the UI when i stay close my car

Thx :slight_smile: