[QBCore] Crypto Heist

Crypto Heist

This heist is built to allow criminals to complete a series of objectives based on resources they have acquired beforehand as well as their own skill to break into a facility for the purpose of hacking cryptosticks to steal QBit.


  • Trade items to start the mission
  • Option to disable security system
  • Police notification & blips
  • Drill into server racks
  • Infiltrate servers with trojan USB
  • Hack cryptosticks at the desk for QBit
  • Configurable guards for player to fight

Purchase Here : [QB] Crypto Heist
Unencrypted Version : [QB] Crypto Heist | Unencrypted

Crypto Heist was designed with customizability at the forefront. Most settings and gameplay aspects are fully configurable and able to be adjusted based on your server’s playstyle or economy. This includes game settings like minigame timings and quantities of items/rewards you receive to even the third eye locations allowing server admins to change MLOs or where the heist is performed.

Video Demo

Configurable Options

  • Alert messages
  • Cooldowns and timings
  • Ped models
  • Ped locations
  • Guard difficulty (health, armor, weapon, skill)
  • All target locations (Able to move heist to other MLOs with ease)
  • Other game settings and much more

Configuration File : Pastebin

Administrative commands for staff to perform actions relating to the heist. Must have QBCore “admin” permission to use.

/ch-status → Gather information about the heist
/ch-disablesecurity → Disable security system temporarily
/ch-spawnguards → Spawn heist guards at locations
/ch-setstage [-1 to 3] → Set the current stage of the heist

  • [-1] Stop with no cooldown
  • [0] Stop with a cooldown
  • [1] Start the heist
  • [2] Broken server gate
  • [3] Hacked server rack

Highly optimized with minimal looping (less resource usage). Running at 0.0ms on idle according to resmon tool.

Buy Script

Purchase Here : [QB] Crypto Heist
Unencrypted Version : [QB] Crypto Heist | Unencrypted

Webstore : Click Here

Code is accessible Yes & No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 900
Requirements qb-core
Minigame Requirements qb-skillbar, qb-keyminigame, mhacking
Support Yes

W Script. Thank you!


Yo, not gonna lie this is sick! Great work! Had alot of fun running it! Can’t wait to see more of what you got to offer!

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Any support available for this, Theres a bug with the ped spawning

A small patch has been posted to keymaster for ped spawning, thank you for reporting @SirGerbain

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Quick and awesome fix! Great script

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