[QB] [ESX] Vehicle Burglary

Vehicle Burglary AKA Smash 'n Grab



  • I know what you’re thinking, another vehicle theft script where players can steal vehicles, NOPE! This resource allows your players to break a vehicles window and search for valuable items inside! They better watch out though, because they may cut themselves and leave evidence behind!


  • Break into any vehicle window
  • Allowed weapon config list
  • Each weapon has its own chance for breaking the window on the first attempt
  • Blacklisted vehicles & vehicle class config list
  • Chance to drop blood if you cut yourself on the broken glass
  • Gloves check! If you don’t wear gloves there’s a chance you could leave a fingerprint behind
  • Blood & Fingerprints events are editable
  • Configurable loot table
  • Configurable police alert & alert chance
  • Configurable search animation, choose what you like!
  • Cooldown timer
  • Works with custom weapons
  • Resmon 0.00 (idle) / 0.01

Evidence: By default, the evidence part is configured to work with qb-policejob evidence & R14-Evidence. As mentioned above, you can edit the evidence event for your servers needs.

  • You will need to edit the evidence and police alert if using ESX! I have added ESX functions to make it easy to do so and will gladly help with this.


  • Cut Notification:
    Screenshot 2023-02-26 051822
  • Already Searched Notification:
    Screenshot 2023-02-26 053217
  • Stolen too Recently Notification:
    Screenshot 2023-02-26 053250
Code is accessible Partial
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~400
Requirements Qb-Core
Support Yes

Open Source is available upon request. I have a hidden package via my store for those wanting open source. Just reach out to me and I will gladly make it available.

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