[QB/ESX] Advanced Health System | Body Health

Advanced Health System | Body Health | aty ~ ak4y collobration

Updated! (19.12.2023)



  • Easy adjustable config
  • Fully optimized
  • Responsive Design
  • Rank system and rewards
  • Rank-specific random task selection
  • Resetting tasks at certain periods of time
  • Rewards after mission completion
  • Different tasks for everyone
  • Total number of tasks completed

You can buy this script from TEBEX ( ak4y.tebex.io )

My other advanced scripts

Code Accessible There are Escrow and Source Code versions.
Subscription Based No
Lines (Approximately) 1500
Requirements Nothing
Support Yes and constant updates

Genuinely this is one of the sexiest medical scripts i have ever seen



  • UI Reworked (We have new design!)
  • Added the source of damage
  • Now you can see your damaged bones when you die
  • UI reworked
  • Fixed and the error you get when you get out of the healing item.


The last stand can be deactivated or not ?
It’s a full replacement of qb-ambulancerjob ?

Hey, it is not an ambulance job. It is just a system that aparts players bones. So the laststand is from default qb-ambulancejob


  • Added a photo that can be opened and closed in the upper left, showing the current status (togglehud)
  • Added language support (EN, TR, FR, ES)
  • While bleeding, your health also decreases.
  • If you heal all of the player’s bones, they now revive.
  • Professional error problem has been fixed.
  • Stumble has been improved.
  • Added a text to main menu to see if the bone is bleeding or not.
  • You can now see the health of your bones. (checkbones)
  • Excessive notifications have been removed.
  • Unnecessary codes cleared


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can I use it with wasabi_ambulancejob?

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Yes, as long as you have the events for reviving, you can replace them with built in ones

Would you make an update to add direct support for wasabi_ambulance?
if you don’t have their open source version I’m unsure if their revive events could be swapped with yours, if support was built directly into your script as an option then it would be worth buying, they have docs on their site with the exports for reviving.

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Also is there a config preview? can items required be changed per limb based on damage type?
for example using the tweezers from wasabi_ambulance to heal GSWs, or using a splint on a leg etc.?

Would also be good to add animations when using items to heal people (one for patient standing, one for patient in last stand) to add more realism.

could you elaborate on this cause alot of ppl use wasabi_ambulancejob even no-pixel which is why its that popular. how can this be done and are their ways to set this up? or would ppl need the open source versions ?