[QB-CORE][ESX] Printer NUI

[QB-CORE][ESX] Printer NUI


  • Layout your own images
  • Multiple copys at once
  • Print sound when printing out
  • Black / colored printing
  • SQL synced ink & paper status

Price: 15€ + VAT )
Buy here(ESX)
Buy here(QB-CORE)

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based NO
Lines (approximately) 800
Requirements QB/ESX - ox_inventory(for esx) - interact-sound
Support Yes
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Nice release! Can you make it compatibel with quasar-inventory (qs-inventory) also supports meta. I will buy it if you can do this


it would be nice if u could make it so when u use it u can show it to the closest player

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Hahaha the FiveM community keeps surprising me! Nice release


just drop the item and they will be able to use the image :slight_smile:

Any plan to make this working with Qs-inventory ?

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Any plan to make this working with Qs-inventory ?

i do not have that inventory

You can take a look at this guide

can you let me make it compatible with mf-inventory?

Can you make it work with qs-inventory i would buy it

okay okay guys, i will get qs-inventory and add support for it soon. i think maybe in the weekend


Hi there :D,

would this work with Chezza’s Inventory?

hey ? you got it working with quasar finally ? ^^

Chezza’s Inventory doesn’t support metadata on Items

anything new on this with quasar inventory?