Pull me over

So some of you know the “Pull me over” script and how its supposed to make local AI officers interact with you.(traffic stop, 10-70, 10-80 anything that a real officer would have to deal with comes onto you ect) well I was wondering is anyone going to work on something like this for fivem clients. and or can someone tell me is there a way to add the mod to fivem as a client mod only, or is someone able to make this, because I would love it in my home hosted server where I’m the only player I already have FivePD but I would like something as a civ.

any help on this idea would be awesome.

I’m actually working on this now, if you want to test it out head over to


Two of my favorite scripts for storymode were Pull-Me-Over and the Warrant System

I’ve got a working Warrant System also in testing (but live)

Both soon to be officially released

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Full AI Speeding Ticket script is out on Github, working on a Cfx release page:

Requires these or you can replace the notifications with your own:

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im having issues getting this to work

I just happened to be fixing other similar things so I fixed this, there were some things missing and some new things changed

Re-download from GitHub - BirddMann/pull-me-over: Recreation of Pull Me Over by sorbas for FiveM

Does this require me to be on newest version of game build ?

No it is not specific to build #

I have updated /pull-me-over, please re-download

Popcycle has been removed in favor of a separate file for loading NPC police into traffic

Please use /npc_police in conjunction with /warrant or /pull-me-over



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Bro thank you I’m going to try this when I get home in 30 mins because I’m still out of luck on finding a solution on how to get it to work on my server I’m willing to pay for any service you offer this is killing me knowing this is all I’m missing in my Rp experience

No worries, feel free to paste an issue report under Issues · BirddMann/pull-me-over · GitHub or Issues · BirddMann/npc_police · GitHub with a description of what all isn’t working or where you’re getting to and I can probably id the issue quickly



I left a issue on the page but I also noticed after constantly re doing servers I don’t get any gang peds or woman peds atleast the good looking ones maybe this has something to do with this function not working correctly to be more detail on my set up I’m running esx and one sync is enabled I also have v menu install and simple trainer I checked both and disabled ignore all players so npcs will not ignore my recklessness but still pull over will not function in my server for some odd reason

MY guy this is legendary, I can’t wait to set this up on my server

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Anyone made something like this for qb-core? I’m newer to fivem scripting and lua development so this script looks like a fun thing to add to your server.

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is this for ESX?

How do i install these into my server?

the link doesnt work have you a new one ?